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Cst. Neil Bruce – 50th Anniversary Memorial Service

    This year will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of regimental #20824, Constable Neil M. Bruce, who, on April 14, 1965, succumbed to the effects of a gunshot wound sustained April 10th, 1965, whilst in the line of duty, near Westbank, B.C.       To commemorate the service and sacrifice of […]

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Sergeant Arthur J. Barker #7606

    Sergeant Arthur Barker (Reg.#7606) was killed on duty at Shaunavon Saskatchewan on March 16, 1940.  He was the 64th Force member to be added to the RCMP’s Honour Roll and the RCMP Cenotaph at “Depot” Division.         On March 16th 2010, a memorial plaque was mounted at the RCMP Shaunavon […]

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Tribute to Constable Adrian Oliver – RCMP

      The citizens of Surrey and members of the RCMP were overwhelmed by grief for the untimely passing of Constable Adrian Oliver of Surrey Detachment. From the time of his death until his burial, two RCMP members in red serge and boots & breeches stood guard over Constable Oliver’s body.     For […]

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Dedicated To Memory of Constable Adrian Oliver

          The following poem was created by Veteran Wayne Ryan in tribute to Constable Adrian Oliver:       Constable Adrian Oliver  A young man dead too early Two families bound in grief One family loved for many years The other’s time too brief   One family made of parents And […]

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    Since the creation of the Force in 1873, over 200 members have been killed while performing their duty to serve their community and country. In two separate incidents, seven RCMP members were killed.  We have include a video on each incident: Kamloops in 1962 and Mayerthorpe 2005.

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