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Book Review: “COP: Forty-Three Years In The RCMP”

        Veteran Bill Sharp has recently published a book on his experiences in the RCMP.         When asked why he wrote the book, Bill responded – “I was laying in the hospital reflecting on my 43 years of service in the RCMP.  With plenty of time on my hands, […]

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Dedicated To Memory of Constable Adrian Oliver

          The following poem was created by Veteran Wayne Ryan in tribute to Constable Adrian Oliver:       Constable Adrian Oliver  A young man dead too early Two families bound in grief One family loved for many years The other’s time too brief   One family made of parents And […]

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E Division HQ Moves To Green Timbers

The RCMP E Division Headquarters Relocation Project is a major Crown initiative to relocate and consolidate existing RCMP Headquarters and Integrated Units housed in numerous locations throughout the Metro Vancouver to a new site in the City of Surrey known as the Green Timbers site. The Green Timbers site will provide a central, integrated, purpose-built […]

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