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Fallen Member

Gone But Not Forgotten

  When an RCMP Veteran passes away, their old colleagues pause for a moment to reflect on the good times they had and the memories they created. Despite the times that the deceased member was serving their communities and away from their families, the Veteran’s family members are extremely proud of the contributions made by […]

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International Day of UN Peacekeepers

  Hello Everyone:  Today, May 29th, is International Day of UN Peacekeepers.  According to Veterans Affairs, Canada’s role in peacekeeping began in 1956 and our peacekeepers have served around the world. More than 125,000 Canadian Armed Forces members have served in dozens of countries over the past 7 decades.  They typically wear blue helmets or […]

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Where Were You February 15, 1965?

        The following story was written by RCMP Veteran Ric Hall (#24394/O.1330) and published on this website in August 2016:         “Where Were You February 15, 1965? In 2017 there will be Canadian flags and RCMP members in Review Order in abundance when Canada celebrates its 150th Anniversary.   […]

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Photograph of retired RCMP Superintendent Ric Hall (Source of the photo - Ric Hall's Photo Collection).

Eric Porter Reg # 12073-O.391

My friend, Tim Joeckel, in Germany who collects all things RCMP, it never ceases to amaze me on what he can find, has done it again!. He recently sent me photos of some WWII Provost Corp kit he just acquired. A tunic (with badges in a pocket), beret, forage cap and kit bag were part […]

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Happy Anniversary!!

One hundred and forty-nine years ago today!  Sir John A. MacDonald introduces a bill to create the NWMP…… May 23, 1873 the bill receives Royal Assent.  Sir John A., with a stroke of his quill, changed the North West Mounted Rifles to the North West Mounted Police due to concerns from the Americans that Canada […]

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The RCMP Veterans’ Historical Wall

RCMP Veterans’ Association   Date:        April 11, 2022 Subject:   The RCMP Veterans’ Historical WallAs we continue to step back into our new normal, we are all looking at the many things ​that we were able to move forward over the past two years.  As you have heard from your Division Presidents before Christmas, one of the significant […]

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Johnson/Bentley Murders

RCMP Veterans’ Association, Central Vancouver Island Division c/o Communications Director –  Campbell River, B. C Date:       March 24th – 2022 Subject:  Johnson/Bentley Murders ***Please click below to read this message. Johnson/Bentley Murders

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Frank Trehearne

The Connecting Dots!

Often when I have written a story on an individual or event for the RCMP Vets I talk of the connecting dots…how one story leads to another.   Sometimes it takes a few years for the dots to connect.   Back in 2013 I did a story for the Vancouver Division web site on an unusual clasp […]

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Photograph of retired RCMP Superintendent Ric Hall (Source of the photo - Ric Hall's Photo Collection).

He who collects all things RCMP

He who collects all things RCMP My friend from Germany! Several years ago, I connected via e-mail with Tim Jöckel who lives in Germany and is a collector of all things RCMP.  I have become his advisor when he is interested in acquiring additions to his collection and is not sure of the item’s authenticity.  I have learned that in the world of […]

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North West Mounted Police in the late 1800’s

  North West Mounted Police in the late 1800’s Dear Members, Recently our newly-formed Office of Public Engagement was involved in some discussions regarding a project they are currently embarked upon. Gibson Glavin of that office mentioned that he had been interviewed at one time regarding the role of the Force in Canada from its […]

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