North West Mounted Police in the late 1800’s


North West Mounted Police in the late 1800’s

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Recently our newly-formed Office of Public Engagement was involved in some discussions regarding a project they are currently embarked upon. Gibson Glavin of that office mentioned that he had been interviewed at one time regarding the role of the Force in Canada from its founding as the NWMP up to current times. He even went so far as to provide the link to the documentary. By clicking here you can view it. I did have a look at it and it was most enjoyable. Gibson also remarked that there are all kinds of historical documents and photographs concerning the Force in the CBC archives which, again, can be viewed by clicking here. Being rather curious I did visit the CBC site and came across a most extraordinary interview.

William Henry Walden was interviewed by the CBC at the age of 106. Asked about his career in the NWMP he said that,
“Doctors said if it was a fraction of an inch more, then I would have died,” says William Henry Walden in this 1964 CBC Radio clip. Walden, a whopping 106 years old, is recalling being shot by an arrow during in his time as a North-West Mounted Police officer. Walden joined the NWMP (the precursor to the RCMP) back in 1877. He remembers it as a “pretty hard job,” but makes a special point to say “the Indians” were “as good a person as any white man.”

What makes this even more extraordinary is that there is an audio recording of the interview. It only lasts 5:34 but provides an astounding and amusing recounting of life in the NWMP. As you will discover these were a hardy group of police officers. The interview may be heard by clicking here.

James Forrest
Director of Communications

NWMP Members at Dawson, Yukon Territory 1898



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