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As a component of the national RCMP Veterans’ Association, the Vancouver Division endeavours to provide assistance and timely information to retired RCMP members living in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

For the members of the Vancouver Division, this support comes in many ways:


Members of our Association are either petitioning for or representing RCMP Veterans on the following:

  • Veterans Independence Program (VIP) – continuing to liaison with Veterans Affairs and with government representatives for the purposes of obtaining benefits for RCMP Veterans.
  • Benefit Trust Fund – assisting Veterans and families is submitting requests for financial assistance.
  • Public Services Health Care Dental Plan Board – an RCMP Veterans’ Association members is on this Board.
  • RCMP Pension– assist Veterans on seeking answer about RCMP Pension entitlements.
  • Application for Disability Pensions -assist Veterans in submitting applications.
  • Funeral Services -assist the Veteran’s family in arranging funeral services.
  • Survivor Benefits – assist the Veteran’s family with the various reporting requirements and counseling services such as assistance with funeral or memorial service arrangement, Honour Guard attendance, getting cremations to Regina, purchase urns and grave markers, contacting Padre to conduct the service, and arranging for piper and/or trumpeters.  The Association also provides information on Estate Planning, Wills, Living Wills and endearing Powers of Attorney.


The Veterans’ Association endeavours to keep Veterans informed of information which may be of interest to them.  Information is available in different forms:

  • National Office of the RCMP Veterans Association have a single point of contact for Veterans if assistance is not readily available – 1-877-251-1771.
  • Vancouver Division’s Website provides an overview of the Vancouver Veterans’ Association.
  • Vancouver Division Newsletter (distributed 9 times a year) contains general and historical articles about the RCMP and the part played by RCMP Veterans.  In addition, it includes notices of upcoming events including the Last Post, which provides information on those who have passed away and Sick Parade, about friends and associates having health problems.   This newsletter is distributed via the regular mail or electronically.
  • Vancouver Division Member & Historian – Bob McKee’s e-mail updates (2 to 4 times a month) contains a wide range of general information.
  • RCMP Veterans Communique email message are distributed 2 or 3 times a month and contains a wide range of topics including: updates to the website and sensitive information restricted to police veterans.

Other information sources available to Veterans are as follows:

  • RCMP Quarterly is published and distributed by the RCMP Veterans’ Association.  The magazine contains articles and information about currently serving RCMP members and RCMP Veterans.  It is published 4 editions each year.  A separate subscription is required for this magazine and can be made via a pension cheque deduction.
  • VetsNet website – contains general information of interest to RCMP Veterans across the country.
  • Frank Richter’s Facts & Funnies – contains information about what is going on in the RCMP and timely distribution of key information. This newsletter is distributed across country.  If you would like to receive this newsletter please email Frank at frank.richter@shaw.ca.


  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) – 1 per year and held in a different city each year.
  • Golf Tournaments – 1 per year, depending on interest
  • Mixed Socials – usually 1 in the Spring and 1 in the Fall.
  • Christmas Levee –  1 per year and held in December.
  • Ceremonial Guard – Veterans attend Remembrance Ceremonies and special dedications.
  • Koffee Klatches – are informal gathering and are held in various communities within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and elsewhere in the province.


  • Pacific Riding For Developing Disabilities (Langley, B.C.)  -Each year, the Vancouver Division financially support the care and feeding of  a horse called “Dodger” and is used to assist individuals with developing disabilities.
  • BC & Alberta Guide Dog ServiceSince 2013, the Vancouver Division has been providing providing financial support to this non-profit organization.  Currently (Nov. 2018) , we are sponsoring two puppies:  Gideon and Maggie.
  • Special Olympics BC – In August 2013, our Division provided a sizable donation to this organization.
  • Honour House Society – With the support that this society has provided to the families of fallen members, we have also provided a notable donation to this organization.
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