Membership Dues/Renewal

The annual membership dues for Active Members of the Vancouver Division is $65 and is payable on January 1 of each year.  A portion of this fee ($45) goes to the Veterans’ Association National Office.

The remaining $20 stays within the Vancouver Division and is used for the following:

  • Communication expenses such as maintaining our Vancouver Division website;
  • Periodic subsidization of Division events;
  • Covering the costs of the Vancouver Division President or a representative to attend the National Association’s Annual General Meeting; and
  • Supporting our outreach programs such as Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities, B.C. & Alberta Guide Dogs, The Bruce Denniston Bone Marrow Society and the Buffalo Celtic Music Society.

There are two options to pay your dues:

  1. Online (credit card):   Members can pay online on the National RCMPVA website by going to: “Log in” and click on “RCMPVA Membership Renewal” and at the bottom, click on the “Method of Payment” option and pay by credit card.
  2. Cheque:   Members wishing to pay by cheque may do so directly to the National association office. **Please provide your name and contact and clearly indicate which division and which year you would like funds applied to**.

         NOTE:  All cheques must be made payable to “RCMP Veterans’ Association” and sent to:

RCMP Veterans’ Association
P.O. Box 8900 Canadian Police College
1 Sandridge Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3J2

Rupert L. Bullock
RCMP Veterans’ Association
Vancouver Division

Phone:  604-533-5354





There are three options to pay your dues:

  1. Interac e–Transfer. Select the account you would like funds transferred from.  Fill out the email address for the Vancouver Division which is  If your financial institution requires a contact name, use RCMP Vets Vancouver.

B. Mail a cheque (not cash) to:

RCMP Veterans’ Association
Vancouver Division
Mailstop #1004
14200 Green Timbers Way
Surrey, B.C., V3T 6P3

NOTE:  All cheques must be made payable to “RCMP Veterans’ Association – Vancouver.”

  1. Pay online on the RCMPVA website by going to: “Log in” and click on “Memberships” and on the far right of the page click on the “Renew” option and pay by credit card.

NOTE:  In the past, many members have paid their dues at Division functions, such as luncheons, however because of COVID 19, this is not currently possible.  At this time, we would prefer that you use Option A or B as Option C is not fully operational until January 2021 or later.  We will notify you once this system has been implemented and tested.

If you have any questions about the status of your membership dues or renewal, you can contact our Division Treasurer, Rupert L. Bullock:  email: or phone: 604-533-5354.













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