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Photograph of RCMP bronze statute - E Division memorial




It is important for you and your family that time be taken to develop and update your Estate Planning.





To assist you in this planning, our Veterans have conducted some research that will assist you and your family.     The following are topics have corresponding documents which contain information for you to read or print off. It is our recommendation that you take the time to review the documents on the noted topics:

  • Guide for Survivors & Executors – this is an excellent document developed by the RCMP Veterans’ Association – National Headquarters.  English Version or French Version. (2016 Version update)
  • RCMP Regimental Grave Marker – For details on RCMP Grave markers, check out our webpage entitled “Last Walk Across The Square.” The Force will cover the cost of a RCMP regimental grave marker provided you received a pension or died while serving in the Force.  For details about obtaining a RCMP Grave Marker for “E” and “M” Division, please contact Lureina Blanchard  (Administrative Support Clerk – HR Branch – Employee & Management Relations Section) at RCMP “E” Division HQ, Mailstop #1103 – 14200 Green Timbers Way Surrey, BC V3T 6P3. (Phone – 778-290-2671)
  • Honour Guard Coordinator – can be a great assistance to the Veteran’s family.  Each Veteran should review this report and include it with their Will – Guard Report – April 13, 2013
NOTE: Prior to ordering a grave marker, it is important to first check with the respective cemetery to determine what types of grave markers will be accepted.  
  • Alternative Grave Markers – You and your family may wish to purchase your own grave maker.  Some past Veterans have asked that a crest of the Force be placed on the grave marker to denote service in the RCMP.
Photograph of the entrance to the "Depot" Division cemetery (Source of photo - Sheldon Boles).

Photograph of the entrance to the “Depot” Division cemetery (Source of photo – Sheldon Boles).


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