Automatic Update


We have incorporated a new feature on our website that will make is easier for visitor to keep up with new postings and articles.  This is a FREE service and no membership is required to receive these updates.

On the home page on the right side, you will see a new box which will appear as follow:

Image of new subscription feature on the home page

This is a subscription feature which performs an automatic message to whatever email message you enter in the noted box.

Once you have entered an email message, the subscription feature will send an message which will be as follows:

Image of a subscription confirmation screen

To confirm that you are willing to accept these notices of updates on our website (, you need to press the “Confirm Follow” or you can change your subscription option by going to and double clicking on “Subscription Options.”

By subscribing to this notification, we do not add you to our membership distribution list or send you any unsolicited advertisement or messages.  This subscription is only to receive updates to our website.

The last screen to be displayed will be as follows:

Image of the 3rd screen in the subscription process for our website

By undertaking the above steps, you will receive an email message which include a copy of each new article posted on the website.  As such, you receive the most timely updates.



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