Past & Current Presidents & Secretaries

In the early Spring of 1913, some of the Force’s Old Timers met and decided to place an advertisement in the local newspaper to announce that a meeting would be held for all Mounted Police Veterans.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the formation of a Royal Northwest Mounted Police Veterans’ Association.   Meeting took place on May 19, 1913 in the halls of the Anglican All Saints Church in Vancouver, BC.

The meeting was hosted by the Church Minister, the Reverend Cannon Henry C. Lewis Hooper (ex-Sgt/Major – Reg. #878), who was most interested in the proposal of there being a Mounted Police Veterans’ Association.

This first meeting included 70 Mounted Police Veterans and retired Commissioner Laurence W. Herchmer.   Herchmer chaired this first meeting with Percy Howard (Reg. #4101) being the Secretary and Charles Filtness (Reg. #3095) serving as Treasurer.

A motion was unanimously passed to create a Royal Northwest Mounted Police Veterans’ Association.

The following is a listing of all individuals who were/are President and Secretary for the Vancouver Division of the Veterans’ Association:

President Secretary
1913 Major A.E. Snyder C .A. Filtness
1920 Lt,. Col. I.W. Herchmer
1921 J. Roberts
1923 Rev. H.C. Lewis Hooper
1927 Rev. H.C. Lewis Hooper
1928/31 C.W. Whitehead J.W. Weeks
1932 Sidney Marshall J.W. Weeks
1933/36 S. Garnham J.A.W. O’Neill
1937 R.F.B. Smyley A.B. Christie
1938/40 T.C. Goldsmith Frank Corby
1941 W.J,. Bowridge Frank Corby
1942/44 C.R. Filtness Frank Corby
1945 L.M. Lloyd-Walters Frank Corby
1946 H.A. Stewart Frank Corby
1947 Jim Fripps Frank Corby
1948 H.A. Stewart Frank Corby
1949 Jim Fripps Eric Kusch
1950 Jim Fripps Murdoch MacLean
1951 Jim Fripps Murdoch MacLean
1952/53 T.B. Hutchings Murdoch MacLean
1954/55 Jim Fripps Murdoch MacLean
1956/57 Edward A. Simmons Murdoch MacLean
1958/59 T.B. Hutchings Murdoch MacLean
1960/63 E.A. Chamberlain Murdoch MacLean
1964/65 J.T. Lines Murdoch MacLean
1966 W.J. Durnin Murdoch MacLean
1967/68 M.J. Olsen Henry Kearny
1969 Johnny Doyle John Piper
1970/72 R.K. Gervin John Piper
1973/74 J.W. Duggan John Piper
1975/76 H.F. MacNaughton John Piper
1977/78 John Doyle M.J. Olsen
1979/82 R.K. Gervin M.J. Olsen
1983 J.W. Duggan Jim Rutherford
1984/87 Frank Brien Jim Rutherford
1988 J.W. Duggan Art Levins
1989 Paul Starek J.W. Duggan
1990 Jim Warren J.W. Duggan
1991/94 Bill McCheyne Bob McKee
1995/96 John Hooper Bob McKee
1997/98 Dave Turnbull Bob McKee
1999/00 Jim Druchet Bob McKee
2001/02 Les Holmes Mike Runte
2003/04 Bill Schindeler Bob McKee
2005/06 Alf Erickson Bob McKee
2007 Ed Wilson Alf Erickson
2008 Ed Wilson Meredith Rowden
2009/10 Bob McKee Meredith Rowden
2011 Dick Hawshaw Meredith Rowden
2012 Tom Quilley Meredith Rowden
2014 Keith Leishman Meredith Rowden
2015/16 Keith Leishman Meredith Rowden
2017/18 Donna Morse Meredith Rowden
2019/20 Robert Underhill Ronald Morse
2021/22 Gordon Cave Karen Frost
2023/24 Ronald Morse Karen Frost