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The RCMP Veterans’ Association has two Orders of Dress:

    – Order No. #1 – Working Order; and

    – Order No. #2 – Walking Out.

These Orders of Dress are not mandatory but are encouraged to be worn by members of the Vancouver Division of the RCMP Veterans’ Association.

The organizer of the function should specify the Order of Dress.



Order No. 1 – Working Dress

  • Male members – Navy blue, single-breasted blazer with left breast pocket, standard lapels and square side pockets with flap.
  • Female members – Navy blue, single-breasted blazer with left breast pocket, notch collar, slash side pockets and narrow lapels. The length of the jacket should reach the hip, but not go any lower.
  • Association’s crest on left pocket.
  • Two large gold RCMP buttons on the front of the blazer and two small gold RCMP buttons on the sleeves.

Dark grey trousers

  • White dress shirt for male members and white blouse type shirt for female members.
  • Regimental tie
  • Black dress shoes for men. Black low heel or flat heel dress shoes for women.

Order No. 2 – Walking Out Dress

As per Order No. 1 – Working Dress, but the colour of the blazers will be the same colour red as in the RCMP red serge and the dark grey trousers will be replaced by navy blue trousers.

NOTE: The Red Serge blazer will need to be custom made as it is not an ‘off-the-rack’ item.  Many Veterans have obtained this blazer at Claymore Tailors, 1278 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1S6. Telephone number: (604)251-6311.

This order of dress is usually worn by: Veterans who on the Executive Committee; Honour Guard; and Ceremonial Troop.  However, other Veterans are encouraged to wear this Order of Dress.

Executive Committee members; Honour Guard; and Ceremonial Troop.  However, all Veterans are encouraged to wear this Order of Dress.

Order No. 3 – Formal Dress

As per Order No. 2 – Walking Out Dress, with the following exceptions:

  • Male members may wear tuxedo trousers.
  • Female members may wear a black floor length skirt.
  • Dress shirt and black bow tie.

The following guidelines are to be read in conjunction with the above Orders of dress.


Headdress – The wedge cap will be worn for parades and other events, when requested by the member organizing the event. If a member does not have a wedge cap, no headdress is to be worn.



Medals – If a member does not have miniature medals, the member will not be expected to purchase them. Miniature medals will be worn only with the formal order of dress.

Large medals will be worn on the left breast with the. bottom of the medals 1/4 in. above pocket line and centered over the crest. Miniature medals are to be centered on the left lapel bottom of medals approximately 1/4″ above the top line of the breast pocket. Service medals only to be worn on left breast, others, e.g. Royal Humane Society, Royal Canadian Legion on right breast.

Large medals are worn for all functions, except for informal occasions and when the order of dress is Formal.

Emblems – for example, poppies on Remembrance Day, Maple Leaf on Canada Day will be worn on the left lapel above the medals or above the place where the medals would be if worn.

For both Order #1 and Order #2, specific items can be ordered from the National RCMP Veterans Association Store in Ottawa.

The items available and their cost are outlined below:

  • RCMP Veterans’ cap badge @ $12.00;
  • RCMP Veterans’ Bars, Tie @ $5.00;
  • RCMP Belt, Brown Crested @ $12.00;
  • RCMP Belt, Black Crested @ $30.95;
  • RCMP Buttons, Blazer @ $1.00;
  • Cap Wedge @ $60.00;
  • RCMP Veterans Crests, Blazer @30.00;
  • Decals, Windows @ $2.00;
  • Memorial Ribbons @ $5.00;
  • RCMP Veterans Pins, Lapel @ $7.50;
  • RCMP Veterans Tacks, Tie @ $2.50;
  • RCMP Regimental Tie (Official) @ $16.50;
  • RCMP Regimental Tie with RCMP Veterans’ Association Crest @ $12.50;
  • RCMP Plaid Tie @ $20.00.

For all items ordered, you must add 12% HST.  Make the cheque payable to the RCMP Veterans’ Association Ottawa.  Direct your correspondence to

Jennifer Elliott – RCMP Veterans’ Association

1200 Vanier Parkway

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R2.

Alternatively, you can call Jennifer at 1-877-251-1771 (toll free).

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