Attendance Allowance Benefits Denial by VAC


A Letter From The President


Greetings folks.

Your Division Advocates will be receiving an important message from our National Advocate, Mike Duffy detailing important information related to our Attendance Allowance benefits.

When I circulated the original message to Mike and others, including the RCMP Liaison to Veterans Affairs I included concerns that many of you, when you contacted Veterans Affairs, had been told the RCMP is not eligible for the Attendance Allowance.  The RCMP Liaison person subsequently contacted VAC and was told this likely is not the case.  I find this extremely frustrating since over the past three weeks I have been receiving messages from a number of Association members stating they have been told exactly that, the RCMP does not have that program and I assure you indeed we do have the Attendance Allowance program.

I hate to be a bother, but if in recent years you had contacted Veterans Affairs asking for the Attendance Allowance or information related to it and were told the RCMP is not eligible, I need to know this as soon as conveniently possible.  I’m not asking if you were turned down due to insufficient justification….merely if you were told the RCMP cannot access the Attendance Allowance program.  I don’t need details at this time, just the numbers so I can go back to the RCMP Liaison person.  Even if there is a single case, and I do know there is more than a single case, VAC must be told and their employees briefed correctly

Thanks folks


Sandy Glenn, National President




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