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Fallen Member

Gone But Not Forgotten

  When an RCMP Veteran passes away, their old colleagues pause for a moment to reflect on the good times they had and the memories they created. Despite the times that the deceased member was serving their communities and away from their families, the Veteran’s family members are extremely proud of the contributions made by […]

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Where Were You February 15, 1965?

        The following story was written by RCMP Veteran Ric Hall (#24394/O.1330) and published on this website in August 2016:         “Where Were You February 15, 1965? In 2017 there will be Canadian flags and RCMP members in Review Order in abundance when Canada celebrates its 150th Anniversary.   […]

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Reflecting On Remembrance Day

        Last week, there was a significant number of Canadians attending Remembrance Day services across Canada.  In fact, citizens arrived two hours before the commencement of services.     As many stood through the service, one reflected on the sacrifices our Canadian soldiers have made on behalf of our country. Canada is […]

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Next General Meeting – Feb. 21, 2019 – Guest Speaker: Leslie Gaudette (NAFR)

To All Vancouver Division Members: The first General Meeting for 2019 is being held on Thursday, February 21, 2019 at Hazelmere Golf and Country Club, 18150 8 Avenue, Surrey B.C..  Doors open at 11:30 AM with lunch being served at 12 noon.  Cost for lunch is $30.00.  Leslie Gaudette, Advocacy Program Officer for BC, National […]

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Did you know? Part I

      During the early part of the 1900s, particularly in the 1930s, the RCMP was called upon several occasions across Canada to assist in dealing with strikes. The Force reported to the government on the intelligence they had on “Revolutionary Organizations and Agitators in Canada”.       The Winnipeg General Strike of […]

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2017 Remembrance Day Video Tributes

      For this year’s Remembrance Day, we have selected the following videos to help us recall the Canadian soldiers who paid the ultimate price to serve this country.           1) Funeral Procession of Cpl Nathan Cirillo 2) Patrice Vincent Honoured At Longueuil Funeral 3) Heroes Remember: D-Day” 4) Highway […]

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RCMP Members Raise the Dead To Recognition

        Across Canada Veterans walk through cemeteries!         Many of us will recall from our early days on detachment life, once a year, what then seemed to be an old grizzled NCO i/c, would pull an Administrative file and tell his junior member to go out and check on […]

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      We have listed below, the oldest surviving RCMP Veterans with the lowest regimental numbers and added a listing of the oldest surviving Veterans.             Reg.#14696 – Retired Staff Sergeant John R. Hovey joined the Force on April 10, 1946 and served his entire career in “K” Division. […]

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North Vancouver Detachment – 1965

        Veteran Fred Stark sent us the following photos for the interest of other Veterans.  Photos provide a glimpse of early days at North Vancouver Detachment.           The following photographs are from a North Vancouver Detachment Party 1965.  Total staff at Det. then was 46. We got the […]

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Veterans Submitted: Photos

        Over the past week, we have received many submitted Force related images from several Veterans.         Images are below for your viewing pleasure. 1) Veteran Bill Sedler sent the image of “Billy Was This One Of Your First Postings?” 2) Veteran Ric Hall sent us “Fresh Snow At […]

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