2017 Remembrance Day Video Tributes





For this year’s Remembrance Day, we have selected the following videos to help us recall the Canadian soldiers who paid the ultimate price to serve this country.






1) Funeral Procession of Cpl Nathan Cirillo

2) Patrice Vincent Honoured At Longueuil Funeral

3) Heroes Remember: D-Day”

4) Highway of Heroes – Amazing Grace – Maria Antonakos

5) Remembrance Day Soldier Cries (Soldiers Cry)

6) In Flanders Fields by John McCrae (read by Tom O’Bedlam)

7) Remember. A film for remembrance Day.

8) Remembrance Day Canada

9) A Timely Video for Remembrance Day in Canada

10) Green Fields of France

11) Veteran Brian Honeybourn submitted “Vancouver Police Remember”

12) WWI Memorial Poppies Tower of London