Veterans Submitted: Photos

camera (Source of photo - Sheldon Boles)





Over the past week, we have received many submitted Force related images from several Veterans.





Images are below for your viewing pleasure.

1) Veteran Bill Sedler sent the image of “Billy Was This One Of Your First Postings?

Pollice Prisoner Escort

2) Veteran Ric Hall sent us “Fresh Snow At “Depot” Division With Old Commissioner’s House In The Background

Photograph of RCMP members standing in the fresh snow at “Depot” Division with the old Commissioner’s house in the background.

3) Veteran Roy Daley submitted his “Depot 1962 Graduation Photograph with the troop-mates 55 years later

Photograph of Troop A – 1962 graduation photograph (Source of photo – Roy Daly).

2017 – Photograph of members of Troop A – 1962 (Source of photo – Roy Daly).