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Date:        April 11, 2022
Subject  The RCMP Veterans’ Historical WallAs we continue to step back into our new normal, we are all looking at the many things ​that we were able to move forward over the past two years.  As you have heard from your Division Presidents before Christmas, one of the significant innovative projects underway is the planning for an RCMP Veterans’ Historical Wall at the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery (RNMC) at Beechwood in Ottawa. The RNMC is unique as it is open to all employees (members, civilian members, public service employees) and their families and, therefore, we feel it is important to raise awareness about this special project recognizing the 150th anniversary of the RCMP.

As we know, in 2023, the RCMP will reach a milestone; its 150th anniversary.  To recognize the dedication of all employees who have served and continue to serve, the RCMP Veterans’ Association, Ottawa Division, will build an historical wall that will tell the story of the RCMP’s important role in the development of Canada. This Historical Wall ​is being constructed at the RCMP National Memorial Cemetery at Beechwood in Ottawa and will complement other commemorative features and monuments ​currently at the site.  Beechwood is the home of the RNMC and has been proclaimed by Parliament as both the National Cemetery of Canada and a designated National Historical Site.

The fundraising campaign is underway and will include communications with the current employees of the RCMP through efforts of the RCMP and the NPF.

We can be proud of the legacy that this project will represent, and you are encouraged to become a member of the project.  The RCMP Veterans’ Association, Ottawa Division, is accepting donations to cover the cost of the construction of this feature or you can also purchase a legacy item. Visit their website at

I want to thank Ottawa Division for all the hard work to date and for all the future effort as they bring this significant project forward to enhance one of our RCMP-designated cemeteries.

This is ​truly an opportunity to honour our tradition and to embrace the future.

A.P. (Sandy) Glenn,  National President
RCMP Veterans Association

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