Marriage Over Sixty Testimonials

Good afternoon folks.


This message is going out to all Division Presidents and pertains to the upcoming parliamentary examination of the “Marriage Over Sixty” legislation. Your earlier enquiries amongst your respective membership revealed there are 81 Association members who are, or have entered into a marriage, including common law, after turning sixty years of age. 

As you may be aware, I will be testifying on the 29th of this month and it has been suggested, to emphasize the human element and the negative impact this legislation has and had on our veterans, short descriptions of current or past experiences from those effected would be most valuable.  With this in mind, would you please reach out to those within your respective Divisions who are or have been affected by this legislation, asking if they would consider sending me a brief description of how this legislation has had or will have on their spouses, if predeceased.  

If some do wish to take the time to do this, they can send their messages direct to me and I will ensure the Committee receives these messages in advance. Note, the committee is comprised of Members of Parliament from most, if not all, Parties. 

Thanking you in advance




A.P. (Sandy) Glenn,  National President
RCMP Veterans Association
Members Helping Members and Their Families

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