Book Review: “COP: Forty-Three Years In The RCMP”

Photograph cover for the Cop book by RCMP Veteran Bill Sharp (source of photo - Bill Sharp).





Veteran Bill Sharp has recently published a book on his experiences in the RCMP.





When asked why he wrote the book, Bill responded – “I was laying in the hospital reflecting on my 43 years of service in the RCMP.  With plenty of time on my hands, I decided to write down the stories which occurred during my service.  It was only after leaving the hospital that I decided to compile these stories into a book. ”

His book entitled “COP: Forty-Three Years In The Royal Canadian Mounted Police” was published in May 2014 by Friesen Press of Victoria BC. – ISBN: 9781460216125.  Book is available in both hardcover, paperback and e-book at Friesen Press Book Store, Chapters, Barnes & Noble Canada and from on-line at Amazon Books here.

We have included four book review below:

Book Reviews:

This book was lended to me. I enjoyed this book so much that I was disappointed when it ended. Some of the stories are funny and some are serious but all of them are interesting as well as informative. The author does a good job in relating the humor and the tragedies during his career. It has been a long time since I read a book as good as this. It is a five out of a five in my opinion.

Patricia Bobiak

“Cop”, Bill Sharp has tapped into his memories to bring them to us in his book. He has written it in a way that cop and civilian can easily understand the light and dark side of police work. He has brought his memories to the fore front and allowed us all to see his feelings, enjoyments and sadness from his 43 years. Being a member I can easily relate my memories to his. I was in fact the Collision Analyst at the scene of the two serious PC collisions in his Surrey stories. It was Bill’s labour of love that we can all enjoy.

Sgt. D. Laird Allan, RCMP, (ret’d)

I couldn’t put it down! The book COP told of experiences that Bill and other members had in the RCMP – the good, bad, and hilarious. The books was well researched and gave some interesting and factual history in chronological order. Bill explained the geographical area of each detachment so it gives us an understanding of the size and area of the detachment. He wrote his stories like he was painting a picture and covered the whole canvas to get all the details. Most of the stories alerted your emotions and you felt like you were there. It’s a real page turner and I couldn’t wait for more!

Sgt. Bruce Waite, RCMP, (ret’d)

The book is well written and flows smoothly through the high lights of Bill’s career in the Force.  In reading the book, I was pleasantly surprised that Bill has included the names of many members that we both were stationed with.  Only with a few exceptions were the name of the member changed to protect them from embarrassment.  However for the members who were stationed there at the time, one can recall the true identity of the members in question.  In my view, this book pays tribute to the 43 years of dedicated service of Bill Sharp and to the men and women who served with him.  For those who worked with him – Bill was a true professional and a gentleman.  A role model to many……

Insp. Sheldon Boles, RCMP (ret’d)

Photograph of the book cover for the book entitled "Cop: Forty-Three Years In The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Source of image - Bill Sharp).

Photograph of the book cover for the book entitled “Cop: Forty-Three Years In The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Source of image – Bill Sharp).