Tribute to Constable Adrian Oliver – RCMP

Photograph of Constable Adrian Oliver of Surrey Detachment




The citizens of Surrey and members of the RCMP were overwhelmed by grief for the untimely passing of Constable Adrian Oliver of Surrey Detachment.

From the time of his death until his burial, two RCMP members in red serge and boots & breeches stood guard over Constable Oliver’s body.



For the private viewing of his body on November 19, 2012, over 600 police officers, family friends and community leaders were in attendance.  Standing on guard at his casket at the private viewing were two uniformed members of the RCMP and two RCMP Veterans (Ross Towsend and Tom Quilley).

Prior to the funeral, the RCMP asked the RCMP Veterans to provide 42 usher for the funeral.  Of these 42 ushers in attendance, 4 were from the Central Vancouver Island Division.

At the funeral service on November 20, 2012, Constable Oliver received a full RCMP regimental funeral with over 5,500 police officers in attendance.  Regardless of the colour of the police uniform, police officers came from all parts of British Columbia, most provinces in Canada, Australia and United States.  All police departments were well represented.  Police officers stood ‘shoulder-to-shoulder‘ to pay respect for this fallen police officer.

For your information and reference, we have included some of the news articles and videos relating to Constable Oliver’s untimely passing:

Mounties Mourn ‘Tragic And Unthinkable Loss’ Of Your Surrey Officer Killed In Collision – METRO VANCOUVER — The family of a young Mountie killed in a car crash Tuesday expressed anguish over his death, as his public funeral was slated for next week and the investigation into what caused Const. Adrian Oliver’s cruiser to collide with a transport truck at a Surrey intersection continues.

“It is truly hard to express the feelings we have as we deal with the tragic and unthinkable loss of a son, brother, grandson, lifelong companion, friend, colleague and police officer,” his family said in a British Columbia RCMP statement released Friday. Read more

Family Members Of Fallen B.C. Mountie Thanks Public For Condolences, Support – SURREY, B.C. – Family members of an on-duty Mountie who died during a traffic accident in Surrey, B.C., say the public’s messages of condolence, acts of goodwill and overwhelming support have provided them comfort during a time of grief.

Const. Adrian Oliver died Tuesday morning after a collision between his unmarked police cruiser and a transport truck at an intersection. Read more

Ribbon Honours Fallen Mountie – Mounties in Kelowna and around the country are wearing a special ‘Mourning Ribbon’ in honour of fallen commrade Cst. Adrian Oliver.

The Surrey RCMP officer was killed in a traffic accident early Tuesday morning in Surrey. Read more

Column: RCMP – We Are Hurting Along With You – It’s one of the toughest things anyone has to deal with – the death of a colleague and co-worker.

For Surrey RCMP, that grim task greeted those who came to work Tuesday morning. One of their own, Const. Adrian Oliver, aged 28 and a three-year veteran, was killed when his unmarked police vehicle collided with a semi-truck at 148 Street and 64 Avenue.

The crash occurred about 5 a.m. Const. Oliver was heading back to the detachment after working the night shift on general duty.

It sounds like this was simply a tragic accident, but it leaves a huge hole in the hearts of those who knew him, and within the larger RCMP fraternity. Read more 

March For RCMP Cst. Adrian Oliver – A photographs taken at the funeral.  Check out the phtographs

Twin Says Good Bye At Funeral For RCMP Officer Killed In Crash – The twin brother of a Mountie killed in a car crash near Vancouver told a regimental funeral Tuesday he can only hope to be the officer and the man that his “better half” became.

Constable Ben Oliver’s voice was tight with emotion as he explained he and his brother Adrian were most of the way toward their childhood dream of becoming Mounties together and living in houses across the street from each other. Read more

RCMP Say Goodbye To Mountie Killed In Crash – Check out the video

RCMP in B.C. – Remembering Cst. Adrian Oliver – Commissioner Paulson’s Speech – I come before you today to join you in celebrating and honouring the life of Constable Adrian Oliver, Regimental Number 57673.

Adrian’s death, while he actively served the citizens of Surrey, and while he proudly represented and embodied the very best of Canada, has cut deep into our hearts and we struggle to put some sense to it. Read more

 S/S/Major Dave Woods (Surrey Detachment) and Veteran Ric Hall provided the following photographs of  Constable Adrian Oliver’s casket departing the Langley Sport Centre:

Photograph from RCMP Constable Adrian Oliver's funeral service

Photograph of RCMP Constable Adrian Oliver's casket departing the Langley Sports Centre

Photograph of RCMP Constable Adrian Oliver's casket departing the Langley Sports Centre



Regimental Funeral for Surrey RCMP Cst. Adrian Oliver