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Dedication To Constable Adrian Oliver

    Veteran Wayne Ryan dedicated his new book, entitled “Souls Behind The Badge: The Real World Of Policing – An Insider’s View,” to the late Constable Adrian Oliver. On November 13, 2012, Constable Oliver (Reg. #57673) was killed in a motor vehicle accident while on duty at Surrey Detachment.     Being an ex-Surrey Detachment […]

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Sgt. Richard H. Nicholson

    Richard Nicholson left his mark on the RCMP and this tribute highlights his life and notable milestones:      – first Force chauffeur;      – provides an example of the financial strains placed on members with a family and the lack of universal health care; and     – being the 49th […]

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    Since the creation of the Force in 1873, over 200 members have been killed while performing their duty to serve their community and country. In two separate incidents, seven RCMP members were killed.  We have include a video on each incident: Kamloops in 1962 and Mayerthorpe 2005.

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Constable Charles N. Paris

      Charles Nicolay Paris was born on September 26, 1892 at Greenoch Scotland.  His family immigrated to Canada and settled in the area of Drumheller Alberta.       In 1913, Charles Paris joins the Royal Northwest Mounted Police.  Upon finishing his training at “Depot,” he was transferred to Alberta.   At the […]

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