Constable Charles N. Paris

Photograph of James N. Paris




Charles Nicolay Paris was born on September 26, 1892 at Greenoch Scotland.  His family immigrated to Canada and settled in the area of Drumheller Alberta.




In 1913, Charles Paris joins the Royal Northwest Mounted Police.  Upon finishing his training at “Depot,” he was transferred to Alberta.


Photograph of Constable James N. Paris' graduation march past

At the commencement of World War I, he left the RNWMP and joined the Canadian Army on the July 15,1916.  Charles Paris was engaged into the Canadian Army as a Lieutenant in the 187 Overseas Battalion.  On his Officer’s Declaration Papers, he declared that he had previously served in the 15th Light Horse.

During World War I, Charles Paris served overseas and was wounded.  Upon his return to Canada, he re-joined the RNWMP in Alberta.   He bought a homestead while serving at Drumheller Detachment, which was, apparently, frowned upon by his superior officers.

Photograph of Constable James N. Paris (Reg. #5397) - RNWMP

Charles left the RNWMP and joined the Drumheller Police Department.   On May 3,1923 while trying to arrest a bootlegger, he jumped on the running board of the man’s vehicle trying to remove the ignition keys.  Charles was thrown from the vehicle and hit a picket fence.  He later died from his injuries.  Charles Paris’ name is in the Memorial Book, at the National Police and Peace Officers Memorial in Ottawa.

Photograph of the National Police Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario


Photograph of Charles N. Paris - RNWMP member

The young boy in the above photograph is the son of Constable Paris and the father of Rita Fairbridge (nee Paris).   Rita is the wife of retired RCMP Staff Sergeant Steve Fairbridge, Regimental # 23150.

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