Photograph of John Stinson taken in spring 1915 at Regina Indian School barracks


Constable John Vincent Stinson joined the Force in September 1914 and was assigned the Regimental Number 6256.

His basic training took place at the Regina Indian School barracks and he was a member of Troop #3 (1914-1915).  At the time, this temporary training barracks was established to train 120 new recruits.

After the graduation of the three troops, they were selected to perform the 1915 RNWMP Musical Ride in Moose Jaw, Brandon and Regina.

At the Regina Exhibition, he was awarded a RNWMP Medal and an accompanying Diploma.  These items were presented by the officials at the Regina Exhibition Groups.

When intereviewed, John Stinson didn’t provide much details surrounding the circumstances of these two awards.  According to Don Klancher, he has only seen one other such medal.

Photograph of these items are provided below:

Photograph of 1915 Regina Exhibition Diploma awarded to Cst. John Stinson

Photograph of face and reverse of RNWMP medal awarded to Cst. John Stinson in 1915