Dedication To Constable Adrian Oliver




Veteran Wayne Ryan dedicated his new book, entitled “Souls Behind The Badge: The Real World Of Policing – An Insider’s View,” to the late Constable Adrian Oliver.

On November 13, 2012, Constable Oliver (Reg. #57673) was killed in a motor vehicle accident while on duty at Surrey Detachment.



Being an ex-Surrey Detachment member, Wayne Ryan felt that it was only appropriate that he dedicate his book to Constable Oliver.

In the introduction to his book, Wayne wrote the following poem in tribute to Constable Oliver:

A young man dead too early

Two families bound in grief

One family loved for many years

The other’s time too brief

One family, wife & brother,

And parents loved so deep

The other family Mounties

Together both will weep

For Adrian was many things

A brother, son and friend

And through they mourn his early death

His memory will not end

He gave his life protecting all

And all is what he gave

His place secure in Heaven

Where God protects the brave

On December 5, 2013 in Surrey, Wayne Ryan met with Constable Oliver’s parents, his wife and twin brother.  It was the one year anniversary of the passing of Adrain Oliver and the family gathered to remember Adrain.

Wayne was invited to this meeting and the family shared heart warmed stories about Adrian Oliver.  At this meeting, Wayne presented several copies of the book to the Oliver family.

The following photographs were taken of Wayne Ryan with Constable Oliver’s family members:


Oliver_family_2If you wish to purchase one of Wayne’s books, check out this website. 

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