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VAC Attendance Allowance

Folks, further to my update message on Friday in which I mentioned the “Attendance Allowance”, I have been receiving messages from some of our Association members, when they applied for the Attendance Allowance, Veterans Affairs have told them, as former members of the RCMP, they are not eligible. I neglected to mention one very important point that could have been the reason.

In order to receive the Attendance Allowance, you must already be receiving a VAC pension for any reason. It does not have to be related to the injury or illness you are suffering that requires VAC pension assistance. In fact, even if the problems you are having that causes you to request assistance are not duty related, you can still receive the Attendance Allowance if in fact you need personal assistance such as dressing yourself or conducting normal household chores. Again, you must already be receiving a VAC pension for anything.

Veterans Affairs will send over a consultant to interview you and will submit a report to VAC. If the interviewer believes you do need help around the home (inside the home only at this point in time) due to any affliction, duty related or not, VAC can grant the Assistance Allowance. Level 1 is the basic amount and is almost $300 per month, tax free, no receipts required. It can go up to level 5, which is, I believe, around $1000 per month for very serious situations.

Your Division Advocate can assist you in preparation for your application and the interview. Note also, you don’t even need to fill out an application form. Phone your Veterans Affairs office and verbally advise you are a former RCMP member or CM and you already receive a VAC Pension. I recommend you have your K number or VAC file reference handy because they likely will ask that question. Regardless, your Division Advocate can walk you through the procedure.

If you continue to have problems with VAC, please contact me direct via email at

A.P. (Sandy) Glenn, President
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