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President’s Message April 2021

Dear Members of the Association,

It’s been a while since I last communicated a general update with you and I apologize for that. There is just so much going on from an administration perspective that I have lost track of time.

I will cover a number of topics relating to what we, the Board of Directors, have been involved in as of late.

  • The Annual General Meeting will be held in June of this year and details will be forthcoming. Our Vancouver Division was to be the host, however, as all of us are painfully aware, the traditional meeting is not possible until the Covid situation eases. Consequently, this year will be “Virtual” and held using the “Microsoft Teams” video format. Your Board of Directors with the valuable assistance of our new Chief Administration Officer will be coordinating it.
  • Microsoft Teams is apparently the most secure means of virtual communication and is now the format used by the RCMP and various Canadian Government Departments. If you are using Office 365 and its “Outlook” program, the invitation to attend will automatically go to your Outlook calendar and all you will have to do is click on to it to join. Our Communications Director, James Forrest, will be issuing full instructions to assist you, regardless of what program you are using and there is no limit to the number of participants.
  • There will be resolutions presented to you in advance of the meeting, allowing you to vote electronically. Likewise, many of our current and new Board of Directors positions will be up for election and that will be available electronically as well.
  • We are hopeful the 2022 AGM will take place in the traditional in-person manner, hosted by Calgary Division. The folks in Calgary are actively preparing and it will be a good one.
  • Mefloquine Anti-Malarial Drug is something that has been provided to many RCMP and Canadian Forces members prior to their postings to various sites around the world where the possibility of Malaria exists. There have been many very serious side effects and the RCMP had issued a bulletin with details back in December of 2019. I am advised there is a Class Action civil suit in the works and I have asked James Forrest to circulate the details. I have also reached out to “Franks Facts and Funnies” asking Frank to circulate the details as well.
  • There are two really important VAC benefits I am chasing. One is the extension of the Attendance Allowance to include assistance for outdoors chores. Currently we are eligible for financial assistance to obtain help in carrying out daily household chores such as personal assistance and normal indoors maintenance, however, no outdoor chores are considered. The Canadian Forces are eligible for outdoors work such as lawn maintenance, snow removal, painting, etc. via the Veterans Independence Program or “VIP”. They used to get this rather than the Attendance Allowance, however, Canadian Forces veterans can now get both and receipts are not required for this non-taxable pension, with payments made every month for the rest of their lives.
  • I cannot understand that we, as former RCMP members, can be covered for indoors work, yet not for outdoors chores. If you cannot do indoors chores because of physical restrictions, then what makes anyone think you are capable of doing outdoors stuff? Also, how come the Canadian Forces now get both and we don’t?
  • I have decided I will take every means available to correct this unfair situation. I attend monthly meetings with the Deputy Minister Veterans Affairs and former RCMP Veterans Association President, Al Rivard meets with the Veterans Affairs Ombudsman on a regular basis. I don’t know what we can achieve by sounding out our concerns with these folks, however, it’s certainly worth a shot. The other route I am taking is holding conversations with Members of Parliament, and in particular, Opposition party Veterans Affairs critics. I will be having one of these meetings this month and considering this is likely an election year, I’m pretty sure opposition parties will entertain talking points. There’s an old saying in the sales profession, that being if you don’t ask then it’s an automatic “NO”.
  • I have also been chatting with the RCMP Director General, Compensation Services about this. In fact, I can find nothing legislated or documented that states outdoors chores cannot be considered for the Attendance Allowance. She is looking into this, but just in case, I will present her with a formal letter asking her to examine what is legally stated versus what is assumed.
  • The other topic both former President, Steve Walker and I are chasing is the grossly discriminatory “Marriage over 60” legislation. Can you believe if you, a pensioner, gets married or re-married after the age of 60, your spouse in not eligible for one-half your pension after you die. Get married at the age of 59 and 364 days and the normal one-half goes to your spouse after your passing. This is actually a legislated rule that came about way back around 1914 and is disgustingly referred to as the “Golddigger clause”. How discriminatory is this? Yes, the pensioner can divert 20, 30, or 50% of pension to cover the spouse after the pensioners death, but this means they must try to live on what is left over after the deduction.
  • I have been working closely with a former Canadian Forces veteran in trying to right this wrong. The NAFR group challenged this some time ago but lost the case since it’s not anything Human rights can correct. The reason being this is a legislated rule. Indeed it is, however, that doesn’t make it right.
  • Apparently the waves we have generated is catching the attention of a number of veterans groups, including the Public Service and others. It seems many others are now jumping on board and we all recognize this is a situation that can be corrected by our Members of Parliament. It seems our current Prime Minister stated this was one of his priorities prior to his being elected but apparently the file is gathering dust at the moment.
  • On another pension related topic, I want to bring your attention to the Veterans Affairs benefits many of you are missing. Firstly, you should know there is well over $300,000,000 available to assist former members of the Canadian Forces and RCMP for injuries, afflictions, and illnesses being experienced due to work related circumstances. Not one penny of this grant impacts the RCMP administration or operational budget in any way, shape, or form. Nor does it impact any serving members paycheck. It’s totally unrelated and it’s purpose is to assist you.
  • Speaking from my personal experience via my home Division, our Support and Advocacy Team ,including the two Co-Directors and over a dozen counsellors scattered throughout the Province receive upwards of 400 requests for assistance every year and virtually all are acted upon. The success rate for first time VAC Pension applications in situations where our counsellors have assisted is over 90%.
  • I encourage all of you to reach out to your Division Support team for assistance in properly submitting your VAC pension applications. The Canadian Legion will assist as well, however, they will likely deal with the situation on hand and don’t look for consequential injuries or such other government benefits as the Income Tax relief program. I was talking with a friend from another Division and he did not realize if you are receiving a VAC pension, upwards of 50% of it will go to your spouse if you predecease, and that’s for his or her life. Knowing your RCMP pension is reduced to 50% when you pass, it’s comforting to know you have provided for other tax free income for him/her. Did you realize VAC scores your specific injuries and if you have numerous claims that reach over 47%, then your spouse will receive the survivors benefit. This means for the first year after your passing he/she will receive your entire VAC pension and after that, the survivors benefit. Currently the survivors benefit is about $2200 tax free per month for the rest of his/her life. You can’t take it with you but you sure as heck can leave it for someone.
  • Did you know if you are suffering and pensioned for PTSD there are a number of related afflictions that also make you eligible for addition pension. This can include sleep disorders, ED, teeth grinding, etc. Your Division Support person can help you with this. Also, if you’ve ever driven the police cars of the 70’s and earlier, you suffered through the hard seats and poor suspensions. VAC accepts this as a reason for your chronic back paid. Did you drive your PC with the window open because you didn’t have air conditioning? That’s an acceptable reason for hearing loss.
  • Your Division Support person will tell you to get statements from anyone who witnessed your situation that has caused your injury. I cannot emphasise this point too much. Also, think of the consequential injury you are suffering from. Did you damage or break your ankle on duty or during an off duty exercise you participated in to maintain your condition? Perhaps now you have hip problems and that could be a consequence of your original injury.
  • Unfortunately I have heard some folks state it isn’t right to claim for your afflictions. If you suffered any injury, illness, or affliction due to duty related activities then this is what the VAC pension is for and it doesn’t cost the Force one penny (whatever a penny is). However, make sure you thoroughly document everything and give VAC the details. They don’t look to refuse an application. Rather, they evaluate what you have submitted in support. It does take upwards of 18 months to have the adjudication but you get nothing if you don’t try.
  • Visit our Membership Management System. It will get better now that we have reached out to professional companies for assistance. Take a look at your personal information to ensure it’s correct and do the corrections when necessary. If you are having trouble manipulating your way through the page, reach out to the “Help” desk. It’s there to help you.
  • If you haven’t read the Quarterly lately, it’s now back to being as interesting as it was years ago. Loads of really good stories and situations. Also, the Last Post and lists of Retirees are up to date. It’s not costly and worth every penny.
  • We have recently completed a new Governance Manual with the expert help of Jack Briscoe. The principles we, the BOD, use as our guide are well laid out, current, and most appropriate. We are also working on an updated Association Manual.
  • We recently completed our financial audit and subsequently submitted our financial reports to the Canada Revenue Agency. Since we are registered as a Soliciting Corporation under the Canada Not for Profit Legislation, this is an expensive venture but one that must be followed. Thankfully the CRA recognizes us as a single entity rather than 30 individual Divisions, therefore each Division saves many thousands of dollars each year. We will not be raising the Association fee of $37 this year and I believe it has been at least five years since the last Association increase. Having said that, your respective Divisions may have additional costs connected to your individual operations so the amount you submit to your Division (referred to as a contribution) varies.
  • In the very near future we will be circulating a questionnaire to all the Division Presidents asking for suggestions that could improve what we provide. Likewise, the RCMP Warrants will be doing the same with serving members. We’ve noticed an increase in membership so far this year and it’s important we continue to stay on top of your needs. Our most important role is to provide support for you and stand up for your rights. We need to know what we may be missing.
  • I have more things to share with you but the aforementioned captures quite a bit and I don’t wish to bore you with too many pages of details. I am looking forward to preparing updates on a regular basis.

Kindest regards to all and stay safe.

A.P. (Sandy) Glenn’ President
RCMP Veterans Association

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