The VAC Website Which is Focussed on the RCMP

The VAC Website That is Focussed on the RCMP

Dear Association Members,
There have been a series of messages around the topic of the VAC website –

You may recall that John Leitch of Regina Division opened the conversation, so when John is mentioned in the messages that were received, the reference is to him.  The original message plus John’s have sparked interest from our members and I thought you might appreciate some of the remarks that have been made when describing their experiences with VAC.

Here we go,

I thoroughly agree with John.  I had very similar experiences, only for me  it was years after retirement.  Looking back now I realize I did not have the slightest understanding of what or how VAC had any connection with me after retirement. It was only after talking to every ex member I came into contact with did I gradually learn about various things I could have done through interactions with VAC. It took fifteen years to get my hearing disability straightened out through VAC. And since then I have accomplished a lot of other things as well. If only I had been privy to all of this wonderful information back then, it would have been a lot easier.  Even now it is greatly appreciated for sure.
Wally Collett – New Brunswick Division

 My experience with VAC has been nothing but positive. It took about four months to have my hearing aid approved, then I needed two (no problems) and then, later 2019 I was preparing to leave for Florida, but my new hearing aids weren’t due until the new year. My supplier put in a request for early replacement because I’d be gone for three months and it was promptly approved.


Greg Le Grand – Ottawa Division

 There are a lot of us oldies that never had a transition interview when we retired because they did not offer them. Most of the VAC applications for injuries sustained while working in the RCMP was a painstakingly hard process due to little or no help being offered. VAC has come a long way. Thankfully the people retiring now have the transition interview where they are helped a lot by Veterans Affairs and the transition crew. 
Barbara Stewart – Edmonton Division

 I am a retired member from E Div..  Personally the way I heard of Veteran affair was from word of mouth some fifteen years ago therefore a few years after my retirement.  Since I have had  dealing with the V.A. and they were all positive. They help me tremendously with medical problems resulting from my service in the Force and the financial aspect is as well important as our  financial   benefit when leaving the Force are slim comparatively to others PD. I am speaking from experience as I joined a PD after retiring from the Force after 25 years.
I also had the opportunity to attend to a lecture from Sgt Hendricksen at the PRTC  in Chilliwack and it was Very informative. Since; I have been an unofficial spoke person for VAC encouraging retired and serving  members to contact VAC in regard of medical issues related to their service and by chance or otherwise they all got the claim approved even if their medical problem occurred a very long time ago while serving.
I therefore encourage everyone to contact Vet. Affairs if they have medical issued related to their service. They only thing it will cost them it is the time to fill the form and it can be done on line an assistance can be provide as well as per the Vet Affairs web site info.
Mario Poudrier – Vancouver Division

Additionally, Sgt. Kim Hendricken, RCMP-VAC liaison officer has asked us to encourage all of our members to like and follow the Veterans’ Affairs Facebook page –  The page features upcoming events such as career fairs.  It has quite extensive coverage of the recent career fair in Calgary where Veterans Affairs Canada announced funding to support Veteran entrepreneurs.  The announcement is available at
You will need to have a Facebook account (free) to explore their Facebook page.
A great big thankyou to all the members who wrote in and agreed to share their remarks with our membership.  A tremendous value-add for what our Association is doing.
James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association



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