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A Home For Life

Dear Association Members,

We are most pleased to be able to convey news provided by Quebec Division regarding their participation in the fund-raising program L’appart à moi (A Home for Life).

The respect that accrues to the Association and by reflection to the Force through our Division outreaches to their local communities is immeasurable and the value that this work provides to those communities cannot be underestimated.
Congratulations to Quebec Division and many thanks to Yves Sirois and President Line Carbonneau for sharing this with our membership.

The particulars of this event follow.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Assocication

A home for life         

The RCMP VA Québec division received a request for funding from “L’appart à moi”.  We invited Mrs Louise and Mr. Daniel Gervais to make a presentation on their organization (a NPO) at our January 14th.,  meeting.

They made a video presentation on their organization designed to allow children adults with Down syndrome and other forms of intellectual deficiencies to develop their intellectual, physical and social skills to the best of their ability in a residence with apartments in a safe and permanent living environment.  (www.lappartamoi.ca)

 “We wish to offer our young adults a smooth and harmonious transition towards independent living.”

The RCMP VA made a $1000 donation to this organism.  Mr. and Mrs. Gervais thanked the RCMPVA on behalf of the residents of « L’appart à moi ».

Line Carbonneau pres.et André Ramsay treas. of RCMPVA hand our donation to Mr. Gervais and Mrs Louise Gervais Vice-president of “L’appart à moi”.
Text and photos Yves Sirois and Jean Martin

Mr. Daniel Gervais a retired police officer makes his presentation



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