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Mountie Memories

      After hearing all the negative stories about the RCMP in the news, we have received several good news stories and accounts of the RCMP.  One message received was that of Barbara Smith.  Her message is shared below for you to enjoy.       When I was 2, maybe 3, my Grandparents […]

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S/Major John Bray

    With previous British military experience, John Bray was drawn to the ranks of this newly formed para-military group for a sense of adventure in the Canadian North-West Territories. The details below outline his contributions to the development of the Western Canada.         John Henry Gresham Bray was born on January […]

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Sergeant D. G. Holmes

  For the month of May 2012, Joe Healey (National RCMP Gravesite database) website is paying tribute to the late Sergeant D.G. Holmes (Reg. #23464). Check out this tribute for Sergeant Holmes and other tributes at the National RCMP Gravesite database.                

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S/S/Major Ian Ferguson Retires

    Yes, it is now official.  The infamous S/S/Major Ian Ferguson has announced his retirement. The photograph on the left shows Ian holding his completed form 1733. According to Ian “the story on the yellow suit: I had this suit custom made in Afghanistan last year especially for April 3rd. That was the day […]

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