Mountie Memories

Photograph of RCMP Female member - side view




After hearing all the negative stories about the RCMP in the news, we have received several good news stories and accounts of the RCMP.  One message received was that of Barbara Smith.  Her message is shared below for you to enjoy.




When I was 2, maybe 3, my Grandparents came to our house and my Mum and I got into their car and we went downtown Calgary.  After parking the car my Grandfather took a wooden stepladder out of the trunk and we all walked to what I think was 7th Avenue and found a wider spot on the sidewalk to set the ladder up.  I was put on top with my feet on the little shelf to hold a paint can.  I was told we were going to watch a parade but I didn’t know what that was.  My Dad came walking down the street and joined us.  Despite my young age I still remember that day very clearly.

Pretty soon I heard big bangs – the huge drum being hit by the big batons.  They echoed right through me – I can still hear them.  Then a marching band started up.  And then I saw them:

Mounties! Wearing their Red Serge  and very shiny boots sitting on very shiny horses  holding what was then the Canadian flag (the Union Jack).  They were leading the Calgary Stampede Parade.

I literally fell in love with those guys right then and there.

My Grandmother saw my interest and she told me they were Mounties and that they were my best friends – if I ever got hurt, lost, needed help, I was to go and find a Mountie and I was to remember that they didn’t always wear those red coats, that I would need to look for the yellow stripe on their pants.  My parents and grandparents all reminded me of this until they were sure I understood and wouldn’t forget.

I never have forgotten any of it and I believed it all my life and still do.  The love that started that day has grown into a huge love and respect for the RCMP – they are a huge part of my Canadian Heritage.  I am now 82 years old and a very active senior.

About 8 years ago I needed help and called 911.   A Mountie responded and dealt with the problem.

He saw a need I guess and started coming up for a coffee and a visit.  That man has become the best friend I have ever had.  He helps me and I do things for him and his family whenever I can.

But most important of all, this RCMP member upholds what I was told so long ago.  He is A BEST FRIEND and he wears his Red Serge with pride and it shows. I am very proud to have this man for a friend, but also a bit overwhelmed too.

I fully believe that all RCMP members are my best friends too.  You are there for all of us if and when you are needed.

Thank you.

Barbara Smith – Barriere, B.C.

If you have memorable stories which you would like to share, please send us your stories.


Photograph of RCMP Musical Ride members at the 1939 World Fair in Chicago

Photograph of RCMP Musical Ride members at the 1939 World Fair in Chicago. (Source of photo – Ric Hall)