Slave Lake Detachment: Thanks Vancouver RCMP Vets



Between May 14 and 16, 2011, two forest fires hit the town of Slave Lake Alberta.  As the two fire spread towards the Town of Slave Lake Alberta, the community of 7,000 were forced to evacuate for their safety.

Consequently, 40% of the community of the Town was destroyed.

Members of Slave Lake Detachment were not spared from the fire damage.  Instead of heading home to retrieve their personal items, the Detachment members remained on duty to coordinate the evacuation of their community and remained behind to protect the community from potential vandals.

Their personal sacrifices speak to the dedication of these members of the Force and the various firemen and fire fighter who worked together during this tragedy.

When a call for assistance went out to assist the Slave Detachment members, the RCMP Veterans’ Association – Vancouver Division quickly stepped forward to provide financial support.

Recently, our Vancouver Division received a letter of appreciate from all members of Slave Detachment. RCMP Slave Lake Detachment’s Letter Of Appreciation

We have included some videos below to highlight this Alberta tragedy.