Surrey RCMP – 2019 Report to the Community

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2019 Report to the Community
I am pleased to share with you the Surrey RCMP’s 2019 Report to the Community.

As your local police force, it is important that the Surrey RCMP is accountable to Surrey citizens to maintain public trust and the strong public safety partnership we have enjoyed with the community over the past 69 years.

Our 2019 Report to the Community provides an overview of the Surrey RCMP’s response to community policing priorities and crime trends in 2019.

Although Surrey is a rapidly growing city, the heart of policing has always and will always lie in our connection with the residents, business owners and community partners. It is imperative that we do not only connect with you when a crime has been committed. Rather, we must consistently work to build relationships with the local communities we serve and protect. This is what allows us to find solutions together, reduce crime, and ensure our young and vulnerable populations see police as helpers, not enforcers.

You will see this detachment’s steadfast commitment to community engagement, intervention and prevention reflected in this report. You will also see that enforcement of our local, provincial and national laws continues to be an important part of our work. Where individuals have chosen to commit crime, we do all we can to remove these property thieves, drug traffickers and violent offenders from our streets, while supporting the victims of their crimes.

Thank you for your support throughout 2019.

Assistant Commissioner Brian Edwards
Officer in Charge, Surrey RCMP

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