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“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”
– Winnie the Pooh

Donna and the RCMP Veterans Association Vancouver Division​,

Here at Canuck Place, we know that sometimes the things we are most grateful for are the little things. Life can be challenging, but Canuck Place children and families show us every day how much there is to be thankful for.
Five things we are grateful for:

  • Canuck Place families – they teach us so much about what it means to live and love in the moment
  • Our nurses and clinical team – our real life superheroes
  • Our volunteers – who bring their skills, time, hearts and dedication to Canuck Place
  • You – thanks to your support, we will always be here for families when and where they need us
  • Cookies – we’re always grateful for cookies!

We realize that some days seem easier to be thankful for than others, and that’s okay. This week we are sharing some tips and activities to help you practice gratitude, and how you can use these exercises to help bring some light to you in tough times.
From our House to Yours,

Chantelle and The Canuck Place Team

Appreciation Reminders

Practicing gratitude is proven to be good for our mental health, physical wellbeing, and our relationships. These simple activities can help us to savour and spread gratitude in our hearts, homes and communities…


Gratitude Stones

Go on a pebble hunt and collect the stones you like the look and feel of. Decorate them with colours and even messages, while thinking of things that make you thankful. Keep your pebble in your pocket as a reminder of your gratitude, or display Gratitude Stones in your front yard for others to see.

Signs of Thanks

Take out your crayons and pens and create some Signs of Thanks. While we might not be able to yet show our love and gratitude to people in person, these are a great way to send messages of appreciation to our community. Display your Signs of Thanks in your window and spread the love!


Watch our video about Gratitude and Empathy

Gratitude Jar

Any jar you will find at Canuck Place is usually full of our favourite homemade cookies, but we know that’s not the only thing they’re good for. Write down something you’re thankful for and pop your notes into a cute jar or container – boxes, cups, or even making a list in a notebook work just as well! Collect those grateful moments. When you’re having a tough day, pick out your notes and remind yourself of those little and big things that make your heart full.


Canuck Place Community

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the Canuck Place team are thankful for our furry, four-legged friends! Before social isolating began our dogs and cats would so often be by the door, waiting eagerly for us to return from work to show us love. We like to think they have really appreciated having more time with us while we have had more time at home with them. Our pets bring so much joy to our lives, so we wanted to share some of them with you. We are certainly as grateful for them as they are for us…


“My pup Frankie has taught me how to see the funny and silly side of life, and that taking time for play is really important” – Jennifer


“I’m grateful for my kittens, Lane and Sookie, because they bring much needed levity throughout the day with their crazy antics!” – Chantelle

“Skylar will always make time for snuggles, whenever I need them” – Flavia

“Leia and Jango decrease my stress and never fail to keep me warm” – Tracie

From our House to Yours


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