Public Commentary on Rideau Hall Outcome

Public Commentary on Rideau Hall Outcome

Dear Members of the Association

The Association has received from CSM Al McCambridge the text of a message from Commissioner Brenda Lucki to the serving members of the Force regarding the comments made by National NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh regarding the recent incident (July 2nd 2020) at Rideau Hall in Ottawa where an individual penetrated the grounds of the Governor General’s residence.

RCMPVA President Sandy Glenn has asked that the contents of the Commissioner’s message be distributed to all Association members together with his comments on the remarks of MP Jagmeet Singh.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

President Sandy Glenn

Please note the excellent message from the Commissioner in response to the comment made by the Leader of the NDP this past week.

It was indeed disheartening to see and hear a national party leader make such a ridiculous statement claiming the successful conclusion of the Rideau Hall incident serves as an example of how the RCMP is racist.

His claim certainly serves to demonstrate a very limited ability to accept that the RCMP is well trained and prepared to react to highly volatile situations when the opportunity to talk down a suspect exists.

Such narrow mindedness and bias should not exist within a federal party and especially from it’s leader.

Sandy Glenn
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Commissioner Brenda Lucki

President Brian Sauve

Public Commentary on Rideau Hall Outcome

I know that there has been some disheartening public commentary on the Rideau Hall incident and how the RCMP manages critical incidents. While the issue was addressed at the media availability held last week, I wanted to let you know I’m also aware of the understandably strong reactions that followed among some of you.

I therefore wanted to share with you directly the statement from myself and NPF President Brian Sauvé that is published on our external website with plans to also utilize social media.  It may be viewed by clicking here. .

I, along with the entire senior management team of the RCMP, appreciate the fierce dedication each of you perform, day in, and day out, in the performance of your duties. The importance of how you deploy your training in sensitive situations that require de-escalation simply cannot be overstated.

As Canadians saw very publicly last week, and experience every single day in the communities we serve, we work hard to keep Canadians safe and the RCMP can be very proud of that.

Brenda Lucki



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