Canada Day in Spruce Grove, Alberta

A Theme of Support

Dear Members of the Association,

A short while ago retired Sgt. Bob Armstrong from Edmonton Division made us aware of a tradition at his condo that gives a definition to the word patriot in the Canadian sense.

Gathered to sing O Canada

Every Sunday, at noon, residents from Bob’s condo gather in front of the building to sing O Canada in support of our Country.

Bob reports that on this occasion (Canada’s Birthday)  “We did it at noon, and about 100 or so seniors, many using walkers, were out singing in the pouring rain.

I played O Canada for them to sing with, but I was under the canopy of our front entrance.

There were many more just out on their balconies who also joined in. One of the older ones I know was there, just had his 93rd birthday. He calls me a young pup, and I am 82.

Bob provides accompaniment to the singing of the national anthem on his accordion.

As we may have all guessed Bob is sitting near the door with his accordion.

And, not far away are some 100 cupcakes that one of the condo residents baked for the event and each one of which has a little Canada flag stuck in it.

Thankfully Bob is present to supervise the distribution of the cupcakes!

Congratulations to a dedicated group and a job well done.  Canada Strong

A note of thanks to Bob and Edmonton Division for sharing this story. Once again the sense of duty on the part of serving and retired members of the Force is seldom lost.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

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