Alberta Divisions Show Appreciation


Alberta Divisions Show Appreciation

Dear Members of the Association

Calgary Division President Bob Ellergodt has provided the following report on the work of our Alberta Divisions in supporting the serving members of the Force during these difficult times and maintaining contact with their Division members.

The work of the Alberta Divisions is certainly to be lauded and is indicative of what our Association is capable of.

Hat’s off to Bob Ellergodt for initiating this endeavour and a sincere note of thanks to the Divisions for making it happen.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association


Alberta Divisions Show Appreciation
Albertans Care and Value
Law Enforcement Officers

Calgary Division

Operation Morale Builder is completing a Drive By Program at every Detachment in our Division. The first three involved over 150 participants and 70 vehicles. Two more detachments were attended today with four more in two weeks. All detachments will be completed by summers end. We have been invited to participate in Detachment meetings as well and will perform these as an ongoing program. Our program to assist our senior veterans with chores and shopping during the covid was accepted by our members with lots of volunteers, however no one requested assistance. Calgary Division donated in excess of $6,000 to the Veterans Food Bank in Calgary.

Lethbridge Division

Our personal visits to the detachments in our Division area are going very well. So far, we have visited five detachments and have plans to visit one or two (depending on their duties) tomorrow. We have been bringing Tim’s muffins with us, so we have been well received. We have met with detachment commanders, Members, civilian staff and one detachment Chaplain. We also bring a copy of the printouts of Sandy’s letter to the VA Membership, along with a copy of the letter he forwarded to the Senators and MPs. We offer our services to the Members, staff and their families. So far, we have discussed issues of morale (which we have found is quite good, given the circumstances) but they are disappointed in what they perceive as a lack of support from division and federal leadership. However, as one of the Members stated, “We’re still here. We show up every shift”. They are certainly grateful for the support of the Veterans Association (and the Tims). We will be complete with our visits to the West side of the Division after tomorrow, then we’ll continue in the other directions.

I should also have mentioned that our Division has conducted wellness checks and have contacted each of our members by phone. The Members were quite delighted to have the personal (although by phone) contact. Our Executive has also kept in touch by phone and emails. As you are aware, I also took our local newspaper editor to task over the disgusting cartoon that was posted in the paper a few weeks ago. Thanks for taking on the job of gathering the Alberta Divisions’ responses for forwarding to National.

Cypress Hills Division

We have planned Detachment visitations as follows: Redcliff – July 09 at 1500 Hrs. Brooks/Bassano – July 13 at 1500 Hrs. Bow Island/Foremost – July 15 at 1500 Hrs. We will be providing donuts/coffee and will make a short support presentation to the serving members in attendance.

Red Deer Division

Parade of Support meeting at the Baymont this morning (7 July) at 10:00 A.M. and walking to the City Detachment to show our support.

The parade in support of Policing (R.C.M.P.) of Red Deer City was well attended by approximately 40 people. Veterans in attendance were; Don Nielsen, Wayne Hutmacher, Buck Buchanan, Murray Isnor, Rick and Bernie Swainson and myself. Parade well organized and publically received. Detachment responded with 2 Red Serge members, A/O.C. And three other members. Singing of O’Canada, words of appreciation from A/O.C. , presentation of coffee mug to the organizer. Dispersed.

Edmonton Division

Our Division, being senior in age, has been keeping a low profile in recent months. We have attended several funerals for our Veterans with an honour guard led by Joe Collinson, and piper when available.

The Division has run a “Helping Hands” program to assist our most vulnerable Members with help with pickup and delivery of groceries and other items. Touching base by phone with our Membership has helped many Members and Widows, who have found the isolation very difficult.

Elaine Schnepf has continued to run our “Boost Program” providing notes of encouragement and gift cards to those in hospital or bereavement. This program has become an important part of our annual budget, with an annual budget of $2,000.00.

We have had requests for several interments at the new Columbarium, in Fort Saskatchewan. All requests are now being managed through the K Division Chaplain, George Madden. Our document “Upon Your Death” has been updated to reflect this change.

Edmonton Division has contributed $6,150.00 from our Christmas Silent Auctions to 41 Food Banks, throughout Northern Alberta. Covid 19 has had a major impact on employment in Alberta, and we felt this was a good time to use these funds to help the less fortunate. These funds have been appreciated by the Food Banks, and we have received many letters of appreciation. Edmonton has been monitoring Covid 19 through Alberta Health, and it does not appear that we can begin our monthly Dinner Meetings until we have a vaccine, as the risks can’t be overstated. This means our Appreciation Night, which normally happens in September will be cancelled until further notice.



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