Depot Through American Eyes

A View of Depot Division

Dear Members of the Association,

With the Force under intense scrutiny from a number of quarters and our Association members stepping in to express their support for the serving members it was thought that a splash of video of what goes into creating a serving member would go a long way in our efforts to portray the Force in its true light.

The video has now been viewed 1,058,382 times – so it has garnered a great deal of attention and rightly so. If there are systemic issues in the Force you certainly will not see them here. Between the professionalism of the training staff and the dedication of the recruits it is clear that Depot continues to produce world class police officers.

The video does contain advertisements but they can be skipped shortly after they appear.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

We got an inside look at the intense 26-week training program that all future Mounties must endure before officially joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.



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