News from Nova Scotia


News from Nova Scotia

December  is over and not a lot of things happened in December this year due to COVID-19. Our normal Christmas season was changed with no Christmas gatherings or other outings that our Association normally does.

I do want to send a thank you out to Pat Moran for getting the new Newsletter together last month. Great job.

Also, a big thanks to Neil Fraser for the tab collection program for Easter Seals and for the grave site program. Great job and well done. Thanks so much. Since January 2016, Neil has looked after 2,815 lbs of tabs, raised $1915.00 and just for perspective that adds up to 4,222,500 drinks. Our message of reminding everyone to reach out and talk to each other and check on each other is getting out there. In Truro, Allan Wellwood has been active in getting everyone to reach out and making a difference as well as across the country in the other Divisions.

Don’t forget your membership is due.  As well, the lottery tickets are now for sale for the year as we are starting our new draws in January.

Donation from Corps of Commissionaires

We had the good fortune to receive a donation of $2400.00 from the Corps of Commissionaires this month. The money came to us because they support Veterans and this year they did not host the normal Christmas events and social gatherings, so they donated the money to Veterans groups in the Province.  Thank you, Steve Graham, for putting our name in the mix.

Please remember that if you are looking for full or part time work, the Commissionaires are always hiring. There are many jobs that are not stick guard duties but investigative roles, etc. So, if anyone is interested, please take the time to check it out as we have the skill sets they are seeking. Many of these jobs are higher paying as well.

The RCMP Moose program is going very well. Several moose have been handed out and replaced in those Detachments, all for the purpose intended. There has also been an uptake in providing assistance to serving members of the Force for VAC assistance as well. This is all very positive because it shows that we can contribute to supporting others in need and help people just as we have in our careers. Good job everyone.

A short personal note on COVID-19.  

I had the good fortune to have all three of my kids home for Christmas; two live in the Halifax area and my son came home from LA. Don’t worry, he self isolated at our cottage in Wentworth for two weeks. He also had a test before he left LA and one when he finished his quarantine.  My other two kids also had a test with him. All came back negative. We enjoyed the time together.
On New Years Eve, Joyce and I had a test as well. I just want to let all of you who have not had the test yet, that it is painless. The stick up your nose is sort of like when you sneeze and pass food through your nose. I found it cleared my nasal passage out, so the next time I will have it done in the other nostril. Oh, yes we came back negative.  They informed us within a half hour of the test. So don’t fear getting one if you need to.

Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings look like they will be the way at least until the summer.  I encourage everyone from anywhere in the Province to join the meetings. It gives our membership the opportunity to participate in any issues we vote on and just to stay in touch.  It is from your own home with no travel and you can enjoy refreshments of your choice while taking part in the meeting.
The meeting notices are sent to the membership prior to the meeting.  Anyone interested in taking part just needs to download the Zoom application and then just click on the link in the meeting notice and you can join the group.  Just go to and you can load it for free and learn how to use it.

Reach out to others and support each other.

 Happy New Year everyone.

Brian Carter, President
NS RCMP Veterans’ Association


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