Old Kit Disposal

Old Kit Disposal

Good service provided – but time to go!

Vancouver Division members if you have been thinking it is time to clean out the closet of that old kit now is the time.  “E” Division will be making a sweep of the division picking up old kit at detachments throughout the province.  They have kindly included RCMP Veterans in this process.

If you scroll through this message, you will see a list of items that you can take to the closest detachment for drop-off.  Also, there is a list of drop locations (detachments) where you can take your kit.  Your old kit must be dropped off by January 29th.  If you know of former members of the Force who may not be members of the Veterans’ Association please pass this information onto them.

Note: Surrey Detachment will not be participating as they have their own process for kit disposal.  

I have only included the drop off points for the LMD, should you require any locations outside the LMD let me know – bootsandspurs65@gmail.com

Ric Hall
Director – Historian
Vancouver Division
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Good Day Commanders,

As discussed during today’s teleconference, the RCMP Veterans Association has reached out and asked if they can drop off kit for disposal. In consultation with CROPS, the LMD SMT is asking that you please support the intake of RCMP Veteran’s kit for disposal as the intent is to dispose of as much kit as we can that is not warranted any longer for operational use.

If you could please advise your employees, in particular the front counter staff, that there will be retired RCMP officers who may be attending your respective Detachment with potentially boxes or bags of RCMP issued kit for disposal, that would be greatly appreciated.

I will advise the RCMP Veterans that January 29th will be the cut off date to drop off any items for disposal at the LMD Detachments with the exception of the Sunshine Coast, which the cut off date will be January 25th.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to advise.



Sergeant D.K. (David) DOUANGCHANH
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Acting Staff Sergeant Major and Advisory NCO to the LMD District Commander

I have advised all the Commanders within the LMD District today on our bi-weekly teleconference to expect kit being dropped off by RCMP Veterans and will reiterate that in an email. I’ve attached the schedule for pickups and if the Veteran can get their kit to the Detachment prior to the date, that would be greatly appreciated.

For your awareness when you message the Vancouver Vets, please see the following excerpt from my original message to the LMD District. Additionally, I was just advised that Surrey Detachment will not be participating in this disposal run.

Collection for the Lower Mainland District will commence from Monday, February 1st to Wednesday, February 9th with the exception of the Sunshine Coast as their collection date will be Thursday, January 27th.  

The LMD SMT asks that all Commanders all Detachments prepare accordingly and begin to have your members bring in their uniform and kit for disposal to a central collection point within your Detachment. Please encourage all members to return kit/uniform items they have at home or in their places of work that are no longer serviceable, have been replaced, or don’t fit, so they can be destroyed.

It is critical that uniform items that could assist someone in personating a police officer be collected and destroyed. The following is a non-exhaustive list of items that will be collected:

  • Duty belts and accessories, ceremonial belts, holsters.
  • Shirts, pants, jackets/parkas, SBA, SBA carriers.
  • Red/blue serge, police mountain bike uniform itemso
  • Safety vests with police markings
  • Hats/forage caps, epaulettes
  • All specialist kit items which have police/RCMP markings or identification, 
  • Boots or shoes.
  • DO NOT include items such as batons or OC spray.

I hope the Vancouver Vets can utilize this opportunity to rid themselves of much unwanted kit that they may still have in their possession. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to advise.


Sergeant D.K. (David) DOUANGCHANH
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Acting Staff Sergeant Major and Advisory NCO to the LMD District Commander

Pick-up locations – Lower Mainland District – Monday February 1 – Wednesday February 9, 2021

Day 1 – Monday February 1
Depart Surrey
Pick up at Hope (H)
• Boston Bar
Pick up at Chilliwack (H)
• Agassiz
Pick up at FV Traffic Services/Ident
Drop off at Division Stores
Return to Surrey

Day 2 – Tuesday February 2
Depart Surrey
Pick up Burnaby
Pick up Port Mann
Pickup Coquitlam
Pick up Ridge Meadows
Pick up Mission
Drop off Division Stores
Return to Surrey 

Day 3 – Monday February 8
Depart Surrey
Pick up North Vancouver
Pick up Squamish (H)
• Bowen Island
Pick up Whistler (H)
• Pemberton
Return to Surrey

Day 4 – Tuesday February 9
Pick up Green Timbers 
Pick up UBC 
Pick up Richmond 
Drop off PRTC Return to Surrey 

Day 5 – Wednesday February 10 
Pick up Surrey Detachment – now advised not participating
Pick up White Rock 
Pick up Langley 
Drop off PRTC 
Return to Surrey