Membership Management System

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Dear Members of Division Executives,

The following memorandum from Signal Flare serves to further clarify the new membership management system.

James Forrest
Director of Communications

Division Executives

As we continue to roll out the membership management system, it’s important that all divisions understand the changes. The following defines the processes, management of member data, actionable information available to the divisions and support. In addition, we will address how this is communicated to both the division executives and the membership.

The largest change in the implementation of the system is that the divisions will facilitate change to the member records and their division roll, including payments, by utilizing the RCMPVA support team. We will do all the work for you and it will be reflected in your records.


The division executives no longer have the ability to directly add change or delete member information. This will be facilitated by the RCMPVA support team.

While the individual member has the ability to go into their profile and update their personal information, any requests for change to the member record can be forwarded to the support email ( for action. The changes will be reflected in the division roll reports.

Any requests by the division executive to manage their members will also go to the RCMPVA support team for action. This includes membership status changes such as, resigned, deceased, changed to non-member [non-payment, membership termination]. In addition, any information regarding transfer or corrections to the division roll report will be facilitated by the RCMPVA support team.

Payment processes

Payment can still occur the way it has traditionally. Members have the choice of paying online, paying by E-transfer directly to the association office or paying their division directly. Division treasurers can still accept cheques, cash for E-transfers from individual members. They can still manage the funds as they have in the past, forwarding the national amount to the association office either by check or e-transfer, with the accompanying list of members from that division to whom the payments apply. We ask that if the division is paid directly, that they copy the RCMPVA support team so that the member records can be adjusted to reflect the payment.

Division information

Reports will be generated by the RCMP VA support team and provided to the division executives. These will include the nominal roll, new member report, and financial report.

Online Directory

The online directory is essentially a contact list of Association members. It is accessible by those that have signed and submitted a confidentiality agreement. If your Division has not provided a list of executive members and from that list indicated those requiring access to the Directory please send it in to for those that wish to have this access for their position. A link to sign the confidentiality agreement will be sent to those members.

Note: the online directory displays member information. It is not editable.

Previous database:  The old database was left open for use by the divisions during the renewal period. We have been moving the data to the new membership management system during this time. The reports are based on the information that has been ported over from the old system. It has been a very Dynamic time for changes to the member record. All changes are not captured currently in the new system. With the change to read only we now have a static record that we can compare to the new system to ensure the changes are accurate. We realize that some divisions have waited for the new system to be implemented and did not use the old system to record change. We will be contacting each division to see if this is the case and work with them to ensure that their division records are reflected accurately.

We are asking the division executive members to assist us during this time of change in ensuring that their member records are accurate. We look forward to collaborating in accomplishing this.


We will continue to communicate to the division executives to address any issues they might have.

We will be communicating with the members, asking them to access their account and review their profile information for accuracy.

We realized that change can be difficult. We have designed the system so that the member data is consistent, members have access to their own information, privacy concerns have been updated and addressed, information is provided to the divisions so they can govern and most importantly, a centralized support mechanism is in place to ensure the needs of the members and the divisions are addressed.



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