Dispatches From Our Divisions – Week of November 18

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Dispatches From Our Divisions

Dear Association Members,

Not surprisingly our Divisions have been very active during the Remembrance Day period – attending Services of Remembrance.  I am very pleased to say that a number of Divisions have shared their experiences and it occurred to me that perhaps we could take the opportunity to periodically issue a mini publication of the work that the Divisions are engaged in.

Attached is a first go-round in this exercise.  We’ll see if it is of interest to provide this information in this fashion or stick to individual messages as we have been doing.  I can’t thank the Divisions enough for the material they are providing – it is giving all of us a tremendous insight into what a valuable organization this really is.

Here’s a little teaser – a copy of the Table of Contents from the document.  I should note that once you have opened the document you have to click on the page number in the TOC to go link to a particular document or, if you would rather, just scroll through the entire message.


In the Street

Nfld & Labrador

Remembrance Day 2019

Okanagan – Kitimat

Robert Armstrong

Nova Scotia

The wearing of the RCMP Kilt, Remembrance Day

Nova Scotia

A wooden carving of a 6’2” Mountie

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