Membership Eligibility in the Association

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Membership Eligibility in the Association

Dear Association Members,

President Steve Walker has received a number of queries regarding the “deemed” process that was covered in the reports from the BOD meeting in October.

He has asked that a message go out to clarify what this concept means.

This concept appeared of number of years ago as part of a new policy in the Association termed “Transistional Member”

This was defined,

As a member being discharged from the RCMP you automatically have Transitional Membership valid for one (1) year after discharge without cost. During this complimentary transitional year, you are invited to attend the Division general meetings and social functions to become familiar with the organization. You can join as a regular Active Member immediately on discharge, or at any time during the year, to gain full membership privileges.

The newer policy of “deeming membership” is quite similar to the Transitional membership and means that the Association will assume all individuals leaving the Force, honourably will be considered to be members immediately upon departure and only need apply to the Association to be an active member.

Part of the impetus for developing the concept of “deeming membership” was the imminent change of employment status for Civilian Members of the Force. On May 21st, 2020. The civilian members of the Force, under the terms of the new “Enhanced RCMP Accountability Act” will, under the deeming clause of the Act have their status changed to Public Service Employees. Once this happens all the civilian members will automatically become members of the Veterans’ Association under the “deeming membership” concept and the idea is to facilitate their formal joining of the Association.

As was stated in the original report on the BOD meeting, “Although a change of by-laws may be required, the Board will propose the “deemed membership” program be implemented during 2020 and Divisions will process all membership applications through the credentials check that is now required under the current bylaws, i.e. no divisions should be voting to accept a new member that meets the respective membership category.”

Hope this helps,

James Brown
Director of Membership
RCMP Veterans’ Association


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