Cst. Heidi Stevenson

Good Afternoon EDIV RCMP Veterans,
We (the Warrant Group), wanted to check in with you in the wake of the tragedy in Nova Scotia and the loss of one of our own, Cst. Heidi Stevenson a 23 year member of the Force, a Mother, Wife and esteemed colleague.  This situation has impacted everyone across our Nation and certainly those who are serving or have served with the Force.
Yesterday, the E Division Warrant Officers participated in a conference call with other Warrant Officers from across Canada.  During this call, we learned that the investigation into this situation is complex and will take some time for us to understand exactly what transpired.  Unfortunately, the death toll sadly continues to rise and the impact of this situation is just starting to be understood.
We know that “all hands are on deck” to safely navigate the investigational tasks, and supporting our members and their families while still managing the challenges we are faced with, during the COVID 19 pandemic.  The commitment and dedication of our employees continues, even with these trying circumstances.  The RCMP will continue to update us all as more information becomes available.
Many questions are coming to light concerning a Regimental Funeral and/or large Memorial component to pay our respects to Cst. Stevenson. Particularly how this may look given provincial restrictions concerning gatherings and/or the necessity to maintain social distancing.  We can advise that the wishes of her family are at the forefront of what will transpire, while balancing the noted health considerations and advisories due to the pandemic that are of grave concern.  It has already been discussed that when a more robust Memorial/Parade to honour our fallen can be safely explored, this is something that will be considered. Additionally, our Prime Minister noted a virtual Memorial being planned during his daily discussion and we believe that there is also more to come on this piece.
Lastly, we wish to also update our Veterans Associations concerning our injured member. We can share that he is anticipated to recover from his injuries and is currently now at home with his loved ones. We continue to all keep him in our thoughts and prayers.
Please note, an In Memoriam page is now available to share condolences and thoughts with Cst. Stevenson’s family and that it is linked on our external RCMP web page below:
We are hoping that you all can please share our message with all of our Veteran members in each of your areas.
Thank you for your concern, your thoughts and your support during this difficult time.
At your disposition if you need anything from us.
(on behalf of the “E” Division Warrant Group)
Sergeant Major S. (Sebastien) LAVOIE 
Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ Gendarmerie Royale du Canada
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