Supporting Food Banks

A Challenge from Golden Horseshoe Division

Dear Association Members,

President John Keddy of Golden Horseshoe Division has thrown out a challenge to all members of the Association.

John writes “One of the purposes and objectives of our association is “to provide support to worthy community services or organizations of a charitable or benevolent nature”.

During this ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic the time to do that is now, when the communities we and our loved ones reside in are in need. There has not been a time in the last century that our communities have been in greater need of donations for food, personal protection equipment, etc.

I quote one of our members, “We are in I believe a unique group at this unprecedented time. We are retired for the most part, and have secured pensions. Few people in this country are in this position. And, we have a vehicle such as the Vets to make a contribution without it hitting our personal bank accounts. Truly, what better use of our funds”.

The Golden Horseshoe Division is a small Division, with limited resources, however we have donated $500.00 to Feed Ontario. That equates to approximately $10.00 per dues paying member.”
So, across the country there are many food banks which, as social distancing continues and businesses remain shuttered become much more important in the everyday life of some Canadians. President Keddy is urging us to all rise up and in the true spirit of the Association either as individuals or Divisions give to a local food bank.

There is an excellent website, Food Banks Canada, that lists food banks across Canada where donations may be made.

This call-to-action reflects, yet again, the hard work our Divisions are now involved in where they are helping out members of the Association and community members in the areas where they live. We can all be exceptionally proud of our organization.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association



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