A Poem in Memory of Cst. Heidi Stevenson

A Poem in Memory of Cst. Heidi Stevenson

Dear Members of the Association

We have received a poem which was been sent in memory of the death of Cst. Heidi Stevenson.

It is presented hereunder.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

I am attaching this poem written by Cst. Marilyn Campbell (nee Emond) when our members were killed in Mayerthorpe.

There have been several written but I think this is one of the best and fits so well with the loss of Heidi Stevenson. I have Marilyn Emond Campbell’s permission to distribute.


Paul Calder
Director Cumberland Region
N. S. Veteran’s Association

The Yellow Stripe

(Told by a Senior Member to one more junior)

A simple vertical yellow stripe
Is said, “must be worn with pride”
For all those who have come before you
For all those who have died.

You will walk where others fear to tread
You will protect those in need
You will stand tall where others tremble
The fight, you will lead.

To Queen and country you will swear
Your oath, loyal and true
To serve among the finest
Canada’s family in blue.

Proud to be Canadian
Shoulder to shoulder, thin blue line
Proud to make a difference
One person at a time.

You will comfort a dying victim
Wipe away a child’s tear
Console a grieving loved
one Ease a community’s fear.

Yes, you will arrest the bad guys
Get in a scrape or two,
Stand up tall and dust off
That proud yellow stripe on blue.

And if one day that yellow stripe
Should fall horizontal to the ground
Take heart young Mountie, you’re not alone
Your friends, they are around.

Your family in blue will carry you
They will see justice done
For you they will stand, as the saying goes
“One for all, and all for one”.

And if like the sun, that yellow stripe
Should fade when the day is done
A grieving nation will mourn the loss
Of another daughter or son.

The flag will fly at half-mast
But we, we will stand tall
You did your duty, you made us proud
“Above and beyond the call”.

A sea of red will stand in tribute
While the bagpipes play,
To honor your life cut short
Was lost, at the closing of the day.

But for now young Mountie,
Stand firm, Stand fast, Stand true
To protect and serve proudly
With that yellow stripe on blue.

Cst. Marilyn (Emond) Campbell



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