Golden Horseshoe Division – Food Bank Challenge


The Golden Horseshoe Division Food Bank Challenge

Dear Members of the Association

Following on Golden Horseshoe Division President John Keddy’s challenge to support local food banks during this time of crisis a number of Divisions have risen to the challenge.

We are very pleased to provide more reporting on the responses of  Divisions and how well the Association is being represented to the general public.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

Newfoundland and Labrador Division

President Leo O’Brien

I am pleased to report that the RCMP NL Veterans Association have met this challenge, in fact we have almost doubled it. The RCMP NL Veterans Association held an Executive meeting on Friday April 24th and it was decided to make a donation of $500.00 to the NL Food Bank.

In addition they donated an additional $437.00 which was money raised by holding two used clothing sales, and a book sale earlier this year at RCMP HQ and at one of the Legion Branches. This used clothing sale and the book sale was organized by Past President Trudy Power. Trudy, along with her Team of Merv and Rose Andrews, Roger and Angela Hansford, Roseann Veitch and Karen Woolsley and Alex McGilnnis were successful in raising $437.00.

During this time of COVID 19 we realize many people less fortunate than ourselves are relying heaving on the Food Banks. We trust our two Donations will greatly help them in their important role of providing food to the needy.

Leo O’Brien
President RCMP NL Veterans Association

Georgian Bay Division

President Glen Oickle

Our Georgian Bay Division has recognized the Challenge by the Golden Horseshoe Division and has donated $500.00 to the Barrie Food Bank in memory of Cst. Heidi Stevenson, RCMP Nova Scotia.

Two of our members have been regular volunteers at the Barrie Food Bank for the past several years and we are aware that the number of clients and the needs of the Food Bank have substantially increased since the onset of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

We commend Golden Horseshoe Division for starting this initiative and encourage other Divisions to participate in the Challenge.

Glen Oickle
President, Georgian Bay Division

Regina Division

President Bob Smart

Regina Division is going to make a donation to our local food bank and are also looking to make a donation in memory of our fallen member in H Division and or the victims of that tragedy.

Robert T. Smart
President, Regina Division

Previously Reported – Included for Information Only

Calgary Division

President Bob Ellergodt

Thank you for passing on this information on Golden Horseshoe Div. making this donation and their challenge.

On behalf of Pres. Bob Ellergodt, Calgary Div., I wish to inform you that our Division received a call from RCMP Veteran Bob Gray one of the Directors at the Calgary Veterans Association Food Bank informing us that they were having some challenges providing 54 meals a week and financial support to their Veteran Clients.

This request was made on April 3, 2020. Bob Ellergodt went out to our Members requesting donations and our Executive voted to make a donation of $1000.

Our own Members also donated around $4000 for a total of in excess of $5000. Our donations were for the most part complete by April 9, 2020.

It was a pleasant surprise for the Veterans Association Food Bank and once again our RCMP Veterans stepped forward in time of need.


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