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New Members on the Board of Directors

Dear Members of the Association,

You will recall that the selection of Board Members this year was by acclamation since there were three vacancies and three candidates.

On June 4th the Board held a meeting pursuant to By-law 66.1 of the Association to facilitate the Standing Down of Directors and By-law 43 dealing with the Appointment of Directors. On June 5th a second meeting was held with the new members present, to appoint them and administer their oaths of office.

With the forced cancellation of the Regina AGM the Board of Directors was unable to offer the usual pleasantries of welcoming new members to its group and had to conduct the ceremonies through the Federal Government teleconferencing service. This has involved virtually escorting the new Board members to their seats (a curious feat) and presenting a virtual gavel to the new President. But fear not the gavel will be delivered in the near future.

So, this year our President, Steve Walker, our Treasurer, Peter Sorensen, our Secretary, Mark Gaillard and our Benefit Trust Fund Director, Celine Gingras departed their positions on the board. Steve will be remaining on the Board as a Director to provide guidance in the area of Pensions but Peter, Mark and Celine have left. Mark will continue to contribute historical material to our Facebook page and be the Association representative on the RCMP Insurance Advisory Committee. Peter, who has made extensive contributions to the Association’s functioning and who is most certainly deserving of an extensive holiday is apparently going to be exploring the beautiful sights and sounds of the Summerside area of PEI. Celine has very kindly offered (and we have accepted) to stay on (not on the Board) and continue her super-competent work in the management of the BTF for a reasonalble amount of time until we can fill her position.

The role of Past President will move from Al Rivard to Steve Walker and happily Al will be staying on as a special advisor to the Board which we thank him for profusely given his encyclopedic knowledge of the Association.

And Now Our New Board Members

We are very pleased to announce that our new President is Sandy Glenn of Nova Scotia Division, our new Treasurer is Don Belke from Edmonton Division but unfortunately we have not been able to staff the Secretary’s position. Graciously, our Executive Officer, Dr. James Evans will be covering off until a likely candidate can be found.

It is also a great pleasure to announce that George Lensen from Calgary Division will be joining us with his role to be determined at our next BOD meeting on June 16th.

Sandra Conlin will be carrying on in her duties as Vice-President and Chair of the Association Operations Committee. The team of Board members will similarly continue to provide their services to the Association and we are most grateful for their volunteering to participate in Association operations.

A group that does not always receive due recognition but which contributes greatly to our outreach to other agencies in the Veterans spectrum is our various committees. Thankfully, they continue to perform their duties and Governor Rivard will be providing a list of the Committees and our representatives who are on them. The list will be circulated in the not-too-distant future not only to inform but to remind us of their good works.

We look forward to a very productive year.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association


President Sandy Glenn

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