Victoria Division Visits Sooke Detachment


Supporting The Members of The Force

Dear Members of the Association,

It is a great pleasure to announce that Victoria Division is continuing the work of the Association in rendering support to the serving members of the Force.

The role of the Association in this vital service cannot be overstated. Working in common cause with the members strengthens the Force and the citizens the members protect.

And, a shout out to Boston Pizza for their sponsorship of Victoria Division’s work.

James Forrest
Director of Communications
RCMP Veterans’ Association

On Wednesday July 22nd, President Rosie Bowman and members of the Victoria Division Veterans attended Sooke Detachment.

They served pizza to the members, employees and some of their family in an act of solidarity.

Victoria Division members simply wanted the current rank and file to know that we care for them and understand the current demands of the job.

With social distancing in mind there was an opportunity to engage in some brief conversation. Although the event was short in time due to COVID you can rest assured the event was appreciated by the detachment.

The pizza was provided with the support of Boston Pizza Langford and Boston Pizza Head Office.

Victoria Division is holding three more of these events in total during July and August at Westshore detachment, Sidney detachment and Island District HQ.

Rick Lawson



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