The Road to Mental Readiness


The Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) App, created by DND, has been updated with RCMP resources for all RCMP employees and their families as well as a tab for former RCMP members. The resources for former members (and their families) include VAC Assistance Services and the Support for Operational Stress Injury (SOSI) Program. The resources contain phone numbers where applicable, generic emails and direct links to the information on the RCMP external facing webpage or the VAC site. It can also be personalized with the department and category of employee – RCMP former member (this ensures that applicable resources show up automatically). The app provides tools to sharpen the skills obtained through the R2MR course. These tools are beneficial, whether the course was taken or not. It contains the mental health continuum, tactical breathing, self-talk, goal setting, visualization, attention control and memory game. The R2MR App is available for free from Google Play (Android) and iTunes (Apple) – and is bilingual.


Heather Carty

Heather Carty
Program Manager, Workplace Well-being Directorate
Occupational Health and Safety Branch
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Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2
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