Veterans Submitted: Top Fifteen Videos

Photograph of movie camera with travel books in the background




Over the past week, we have received a flood of videos from various Veterans living in many parts of Canada.






Based on our review of these videos, we have selected the top fifteen for your viewing pleasure.  Our Association does not support any comments or products included in these videos.  Noted video are provided for your pure entertainment and the stimulation for discussion amongst friends.

1) Veteran Dan Lemieux submitted “Fokkere Dr. 1 Manfred. V. Richthofen – Sept. 17, 1917

2) Veteran Jim Francis submitted “Mr. Trump’s 757

3) Veteran Al MacIntyre submitted “Humpback Whales Feeding

4) Veteran Bruce Waite submitted “Davinci Rotating Tower

5) Veteran Don Wilkie submitted “NASA Earthrise: The 45th Anniversary

6) Veteran Joe Collinson submitted “Supersonic Flight, Sonic Booms

7) Veteran Ric Hall submitted “Silvia: Grandma Shoots Apple On Her Own Head – America’s Got Talent 2015

8) Veteran Dave Ewing submitted “Put Your Trust In Justin – The Justin Trudeau Song!

9) Veteran Jacques Drisdelle submitted “Hilium Beer – There Is Such A Thing?”

10) Veteran Bill Shumborski submitted “Gunny & Glock – Wrong Dinner – Extended Version

11)  Veteran Bill Sedler submitted “Pig Race Mosque Part 2

12) Veteran Sheldon Boles submitted “Fearsome All Black Haka – Rugby World Cup 2015 Final Vs Australia

13) Veteran Don Wilkie submitted “Archie Bunker’s Eulogy

14) Veteran Larry Litke submitted “Rafah Cleric Calls Upon “Palestinians” to Stab Jews

15) Veteran Comp Kelly submitted “Pat Condell:Islam Invasion Of Europe Will Fail