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How to Make Your Travel Meaningful – Today we are appearing on our favourite daytime talk show, The Social. We’re joining the ladies at their Toronto studios to talk to them about meaningful travel. Many people feel that meaningful travel is strictly about going on a volunteering vacation, but there are many ways to make your travel meaningful and we’re going to talk to them about it today. Dave and I have always added meaning into our travels. Be it traveling responsibly, raising money for a cause, stopping at sanctuaries or projects, and interacting with the locals, there are many ways to enrich your travels while making your life and other people’s lives better. – Read More


4 Reasons Train Travel Is Still The Best – A FEW YEARS AGO, I bought a rail pass from Amtrak. For 15 days, I was allowed to ride on up to eight trains going pretty much anywhere in the United States. Since I was about to leave the country for a year of grad school, I decided to visit my friends on the West Coast, and then to loop back around to the East Coast to meet some other friends for a beach weekend.

I probably spent around five of those 15 days actually on the trains. Once, we got stuck in a field in Montana for 15 hours while we waited for the crews to switch. Once, a crazy lady sat down next to me and talked — whether I was listening or not — about how the NSA was beaming porn into her head while she was trying to go to sleep. Once, a caricature of a redneck sat down next to me and pulled out a photo album of his gun collection for me to peruse. – Read More


Violence Drives Tourists Out Of Lebanon – BEIRUT – The roadblocks and sandbags are back, cafes and hotels are nearly empty and many of the tourists are gone.

Anxiety is gripping Lebanon following a spate of suicide bombings, and a continuing security sweep targeting militants – some of them who had been staying in four-star Beirut hotels – has triggered a wave of cancellations of hotel and flight bookings in a country already on edge. – Read More


5 Best Hikes In Vancouver You Can Conquer Today – Looking for the perfect way to spend your next free afternoon? A hike offers the perfect way to get outdoors and appreciate our beautiful backyard while getting an amazing workout in the process.

From steep, challenging terrain to more casual hikes, I’m confident that there’s something you’ll enjoy listed below. – Read More

Top 10 Tips For Visiting Newfoundland – The Edge Of The World – When people find out I’m a travel writer, they invariably ask me what my favorite place is. I usually reply, “That depends on what I’m in the mood for.  My favorite exotic place would be Papua New Guinea. Favorite country is Turkey. Favorite city is Buenos Aires. But Kauai, which had been holding firm as my favorite island for ages, just got replaced by my new found love, Newfoundland. – Read More

Free Things to Do in Barcelona – From the street performers who line La Rambla to works by modernist masters like Picasso, Gaudí, and Miró, the Catalan capital is awash in culture, much of it accessible for free with a little planning. – Read More

Romantic New Zealand for Couples – When you think of falling in love, travel destinations like Paris and Italy come to mind. Most travellers venture to European destinations to be seduced by its stunning architecture and romantic history, albeit overly dramatic at times. That said, such places can be quite the cliche.

If you’re looking for an experience that’s different, unique and yet still equally as magical and romantic, why not choose New Zealand? From majestic snow-capped mountains to the crystal clear waters of Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes are the perfect romantic escape for newly-weds and lovers who are looking to rekindle their passion. – Read More


Air Canada Promotion: Travel to Vegas & Get a Great Package for as Low as $350! – Air Canada has a some very hot deals on trips to Vegas that start at only $340, which includes your flight, hotel and all taxes and fees! There are also some activities included in the vacation packages! The deal notes that there are Spectacular prices & more than $450 in added value per couple. You must book by October 31st and travel by April 30, 2015. Select hotels must be part of the Ceasars Entertainment group. – Read More

WestJet Encore Celebrates One-Millionth Customer – WestJet Encore, a low-cost Canadian carrier, welcomed its one-millionth passenger on Thursday.

Preet Singh traveled on Flight 3101, which departed Calgary at 5:45 p.m. and arrived in Fort St. John at 6:19 p.m.  The lucky passenger was presented with complimentary round-trip airfare for two to any destination served by WestJet, the parent company of WestJet Encore, in celebration of the airline’s milestone. – Read More

Fewer Flight Attendants Means More Savings For Air Canada – Air Canada passengers likely want more flight attendants, not fewer, to ensure they get beverages, food, blankets and other requests in a timely manner. But a new decision from Transport Canada may mean longer waiting times, at least on some of the airline’s planes.

The federal agency granted Air Canada an exemption to operate its narrowbody fleet with fewer flight attendants. The amendment to the Canadian Aviation Regulation allows Air Canada to operate these planes with a ratio of one flight attendant for every 50 passenger seats, as opposed to the existing ratio of 1 to 40. – Read More

The 5 Most Outrageous Airline Fees –

There are few things in this world as universally disliked as the airline sector. In 2012, for instance, four of the 15 most-hated companies in America were airlines, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s annual report. Read More


New $100,00 Reward From Family Of George Smith IV, Who Vanished During Honeymoon Cruise In 2005 –Nine years ago – July 5, 2005 – George Smith IV vanished from his honeymoon cruise in the Aegean Sea. His body has never been found.

Contrary to what authorities have said, his mother, Maureen Smith, is certain it was no accident.  “I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that my son was murdered on that cruise ship,” she tells CBS News’ 48 HOURS. – Read More

Photo Tour: The Hottest New Cruise Ships Of 2014 – Thinking about a cruise for your next vacation? Three of the biggest lines — Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean — are in the midst of rolling out major new ships, and our new photo tour in the carousel above offers a side-by-side comparison of the vessels.

The trio includes Norwegian’s 4,028-passengerNorwegian Getaway, which made its debut in January and is sailing year-round in the Caribbean. As can be seen in the first third of the photo tour, it has all the trappings of a major megaresort, including a sprawling, deck-top fun zone with five water slides; a restaurant-lined boardwalk; large production shows including Broadway’s Legally Blonde; and a giant, two-deck spa. – Read More

5 Most Embarrassing Cruise Ship Traditions, pPus 10 Bargain hHlidays You Don’t Want To Miss

BEIRUT // The roadblocks and sandbags are back, cafes and hotels are nearly empty and many of the tourists are gone.

Anxiety is gripping Lebanon following a spate of suicide bombings, and a continuing security sweep targeting militants – some of them who had been staying in four-star Beirut hotels – has triggered a wave of cancellations of hotel and flight bookings in a country already on edge. – Read More


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