Barry Bradley’s Old Newspaper Clippings






Throughout his career in the Force (1960 – 1995), Veteran Barry Bradley developed a newspaper scrapebook containing notable news stories about the RCMP in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.




Each week, we will post three of these old newspaper clippings for the interest of Veterans and their families. This week’s webpage includes three newspaper articles from 1964 and 1968 relates to RCMP members and one RCMP Veteran.


1962-63: Photograph of an unknown RCMP members taken outside the Pattullo Bridge Detachment (Surrey, BC) (Source of photo – Ric Hall’s Photo Collection)

1962-63: Photograph of an unknown RCMP members taken outside the Pattullo Bridge Detachment (Surrey, BC) (Source of photo – Ric Hall’s Photo Collection)

(1964) Friendly overtures to the police get some motorist nowhere. Take the woman in London, Ontario, who was rescued by a cop when her care wouldn’t start, and thanked him warmly. “Just part of our service ma’am.’ he replied: tun when he recognized her again two day later just as he was hanging a parking ticket on it, he positively smirked as he said, “Just part of our service ma’am.”

Or take the case of the woman in New Westminster, B.C., who waited patiently for a red light that refused to change. After five minutes she proceeded with extreme caution on to the Patullo bridge where she thoughtfully stopped to report the recalcitrant light to the point-duty policeman. The cop looked at his watch and said “Use of that access road after four in the afternoon has just cost you twenty dollars, lady,” and handed her a ticket.

Barry’s Comments: I don’t remember who might have issued the ticket on the Bridge.  I believe Judge Lougheed was a small claims judge who handled court what was basically a traffic court for the Bridge Detachment.  I remember him as being fair minded and a real gentleman.


(1964) – Two suspected drug pushers rammed an RCMP car and injured two officers as they tried to escape a police net today.

The suspects were captured by other RCMP officers who said they seized narcotics worth an estimated $15,000 from the suspect’s car.


Cpl. Frank Kilner and Const. George Ripley, members of the RCMP drug squad, suffered head injuries when the suspect’s car roared backwards into their own vehicle.

The suspects were attempting to escape another CMP car that had pulled in front of them in the 2200 block South-west Marine, police said.

Force of the impact threw Ripley against the windshield causing a scalp wound that required 24 stitches.

Stuart Jacobs, 48, carpenter, no fixed address, and John Bannerman Campbell, 35, carpenter, who said he lives at 2037 Parker, were later charged with possessing narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.
Police said 1,000 capsules believed to contain heroin and the suspects; car were seized.

They said eight drinking glasses, each containing 100 capsules, were found in the car. A ninth glass containing 100 more were found on one of the suspects and another 100 capsules were found at the base of a lamp post at Fifty-seventh and Marine.

Officers said they had followed the suspects from a Granville Street hotel shortly after midnight.

The suspects apparently did not realize a second RCMP car was behind them when they backed away from the car that had cut them off, police said.


Photograph of the RCMP Crest which is mounted on the east side of "B" Block at RCMP Depot Division in Regina (Source of photo - Sheldon Boles).

(November 8, 1968) – OTTAWA – Georges Valade (PC – Montreal Ste. Marie) suggested Thursday that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police change its name to Canadian Mounted Police.

The Montreal druggist made the suggestion at a meeting of the Commons justice committee which is studying the RCMP’s spending budget for this year.

Commissioner M.F. Lindsay told Valade that dropping the word royal could possibly give the force more prestige and authority, particularly in Quebec.